Long Time, No Blog

Wow, it’s been too long that I’ve neglected my little home in the blogiverse. I’d always believed I was the sort of person that could go with the flow and adapt to just about anything, but over the summer change was the major (and unexpected) theme of my life. But now that things have settled back down, I hope to be able to dedicate much more time to this blog – because it is one of the hobbies that I really do enjoy. Blogging and following all the great blogs that are out there is fun, rewarding, educational and I miss it!

Anyways, how about a preview of what’s coming soon? I’ve got so many awesome books to talk about so here are a couple that I’m working up posts for right now:

Some amazing dog books: one about maintaining your dogs health,
and the other about an angel of a dog that finds the love he deserves.
One author, two great books: the first a fictional story with hints of the authors
experiences, the other a collection of personal essays of the authors life.
Perfect for Halloween: of course I read this stuff all year, but I devour it in
the wonderfully creepy season of autumn leading up to All Hallows Eve.


Oh and here is a peek at two of the changes that occurred over the summer,
we welcomed 2 new members to our menagerie of pets.

Awz (on the left)
Rody (below)

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