The End of 2008 (or) Grab Your Shovels :P

I’d like to wish everyone the best for the New Year, may 2009 bring you happiness in all you do.
The photo above is of the Halifax Waterfront area where all of our major fireworks happen, although tonight may not prove very successful considering the Blizzard warnings … durrr :P 
I plan to snuggle up warm and cozy with some books, but for everyone else who plans to celebrate this New Year, have a fantastic time and please be safe.

My year has been very good, in terms of reading. I had wanted to read at least 100 books and I met that goal sometime in early Fall. Another wonderful thing for me in 2008 was my discovery of the book blogging community. I would never have guessed how much of an impact blogging would have on me, all positive. Not only do I enjoy writing about what I read, but I absolutely love reading what others have to say. This is a community that I am proud to be a part of, I’ve come across so many awesome people here. The best part for me is that everyone has different opinions and perspectives on books, but everyone is accepting and respectful. You’re all rock stars!

And now onto my wrap-up of my reading year. I mainly only keep track of authors, titles and page counts, but I got a bit carried away with my spreadsheet this year :P

Total Books Read
: 187
Total Pages Read: 53129

By Women: 78
By Men: 102
By Men and Women: 7

Review Books Read: 76
Library Books Read: 73
My Own Books Read: 38

Published 2009 – 3
Published 2008 – 90
Published 2007 – 34
Published 2006 – 12
Published 2005 – 4
Published 2004 – 8
Published 2003 – 12
Published 2002 – 2
Published 2001 – 3
Published 1990’s – 9
Published 1980’s – 1
Published 1970’s – 2
Published 1960’s – 2
Published 1950’s – 2
Published 1930’s – 1
Published 1600’s – 2

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Christmas Goodies

Only 1 more day till 2009! I’m pretty hyped to get this year done with – actually I’m just looking forward to the Spring but whatever. Me and the hubs went out on a “date night” because we won’t be spending New Year’s Eve together. The hubs volunteered to work the night-shift on New Years so that his younger employees can go out and party. So sweet of him. Anywho we went out for dinner and a movie. The movie we went to was Marley & Me … ZOMG such a great movie. We’re both dog people and I loved the book so we were really excited, but was it ever a heart-breaking movie – the hubs was trying hard not to sob. My eyes were pretty teary too. We also stopped at Chapters for some book shopping … I have some gift cards and I was dying to spend them :P

So I have a year-end type of post, but being a complete freak I just cannot post it until the year is officially over (yes I have issues) Instead I thought I would share what I found under the Christmas tree this year.

First off, because I am an only child and my parents still spoil me rotten, even though I’m in my 30’s – here is what my mom and dad got me (and yes I squealed like a little girl)


I also got a bunch of DVDs and CDs that I’ve been lusting after, my family really knows my tastes well.


And here are the books – some were gifts and some were bought using gift cards. I also have an order on the way to me from Amazon. I had most of my book money spent by noon Christmas morning lol!

season of the snake

All my Christmas wishes and more were filled, I ate way too much food and probably gained about 50 pounds and I got so spend a lot of time with our families this year. A perfect Holiday.

But wow is all the excitement tiring! This is me and Suki trying to take a nap in my parent’s living room – Suki was snoring within seconds :)

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