Christmas Goodies

Only 1 more day till 2009! I’m pretty hyped to get this year done with – actually I’m just looking forward to the Spring but whatever. Me and the hubs went out on a “date night” because we won’t be spending New Year’s Eve together. The hubs volunteered to work the night-shift on New Years so that his younger employees can go out and party. So sweet of him. Anywho we went out for dinner and a movie. The movie we went to was Marley & Me … ZOMG such a great movie. We’re both dog people and I loved the book so we were really excited, but was it ever a heart-breaking movie – the hubs was trying hard not to sob. My eyes were pretty teary too. We also stopped at Chapters for some book shopping … I have some gift cards and I was dying to spend them :P

So I have a year-end type of post, but being a complete freak I just cannot post it until the year is officially over (yes I have issues) Instead I thought I would share what I found under the Christmas tree this year.

First off, because I am an only child and my parents still spoil me rotten, even though I’m in my 30’s – here is what my mom and dad got me (and yes I squealed like a little girl)


I also got a bunch of DVDs and CDs that I’ve been lusting after, my family really knows my tastes well.


And here are the books – some were gifts and some were bought using gift cards. I also have an order on the way to me from Amazon. I had most of my book money spent by noon Christmas morning lol!

season of the snake

All my Christmas wishes and more were filled, I ate way too much food and probably gained about 50 pounds and I got so spend a lot of time with our families this year. A perfect Holiday.

But wow is all the excitement tiring! This is me and Suki trying to take a nap in my parent’s living room – Suki was snoring within seconds :)

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Chris said...

He! I love the picture of you an Suki...adorable :) I love dogs. I want to see Marley and Me but I still haven't read the I think I'll do that first.

wow did you ever have an incredible Christmas!! How's Little Big Planet? I don't have a PS3 but I've been wondering about that game still. And those CDs you got are all incredible! I love all of those bands. Mellon Collie is one of my all time favorite CDs and The Smiths CD and Scarlett's Walk are excellent!

And look at all of those books!! That knitting book rocks :p I can't wait to see some of the stuff you make with it...those things on the cover may just be the cutest little guys I've ever seen. I love the cover to the Jonathan Carroll book. Do you know who did it? And then there's Fables! and Paper Towns! and Four Letter Word!! So many great great books.

I got The Killing Circle in the mail from you today and I was so excited, lol. I had totally forgotten about it. I love the bookmark that's in it so much. Locks and Keys have always been a favorite thing of mine. And Buddhas are my other favorite thing, so needless to say I'm in love with the card :) I actually collect Buddhas and have tons of them. I got a big Buddha bank for Christmas :) Thanks so much Joanne!

Melody said...

That's so sweet of your hubby, Joanne!

I read the book about Marley and Me but I haven't watched the movie adaptation, yet. I'm not sure if I want to watch it's such a touching story and I know I'll cry!

Looks like you've a great reading year ahead of you! :)
Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! You must have been a very good girl last year.

Anonymous said...

Korn? Dude, you rock.

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic made out like a bandit!! I would have squealed like a little girl too=) And all those books...sheesh. My family thinks I have too many books so they don't get me any, or get me any gift cards anymore =( Maybe I'll show them this post and tell them what a book lover loves lol

Florinda said...

Wow, lots of loot! Looks like you'll be doing some catching up on The X-Files :-). And I love Dogma!

Oh, and books too...I liked The Dogs of Babel.

My husband and I saw Marley & Me this weekend too, and really enjoyed it (posting a review tomorrow). I haven't read the book, but I bought a copy of it afterwards.

Happy New Year!

Melanie said...

Wow, I am not sure you got enough books. Will you have anything to read for 09? ;)
Sounds like a wonderful Xmas!!

Anonymous said...

I know I'll be reading The Blind Assassin and the Foer book soon! I'll watch for your reviews.

Nymeth said...

You got some awesome CDs, especially the last 3 :D You got some awesome everything else too, but I particularly wanted to comment on those :P

I'm glad you had such a nice Christmas!

Mo said...

Wow, you got so many great gifts :) I'm especially jealous of the 4 seasons of X-Files. I love that show!

naida said...

thats alot of great gifts! enjoy :)
I see the creepy cute crochet book, very cute!

I did hear Marley & Me was good, but sad too.

cute pic!

Dar said...

Awesome haul Joanne! I'm an only child too and my parents still spoil me too-lol. I love the pic of you and Suki-too cute. All the best to you in the New Year.

Serena said...

Holy cow! That's a lot of gifts. I am so jealous of Guitar Hero! I am dying to get my hands on that.

I have that Smashing pumpkins album and it is fantastic and I love that Tori Amos album as well.

You got a lot of great gifts. I hope you are enjoying them.