Friday Fill-Ins #79

1. Holidays in the summer are great things to look forward to during the year.

2. Steak and corn on the cob are my favorite things to grill.

3.My thoughts are all over the place.

4. Going book shopping is what I'm most looking forward to this weekend!

5. My favorite book so far this summer is The End Of Mr Y by Scarlett Thomas

6. A tall glass of pineapple juice is the best way to begin a day.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to cruising the book shops and working on some reveiws, tomorrow my plans include maybe taking a drive to the valley (Annapolis Valley, NS) and Sunday, I want to do some cleaning and try to organize my TBR stack!

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Marie said...

I'm looking forward to book shopping this weekend too- not that I need any more books! :-)