The Sunday Salon - better late than never...

Sunday Salon

First off, Kathleen from Kathleen's Book Reviews tagged me this week for the Book Club Classics Meme which was created in order to promote the new site, (a site dedicated to helping teachers/students navigate classic lit) So here are my answers.

  1. What is the best classic you were “forced” to read in school?
  2. What was the worst classic you were forced to endure?
  3. Which classic should every student be required to read?
  4. Which classic should be put to rest immediately?
  5. **Bonus** Why do you think certain books become classics?
  1. The best book I had to read was probably "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley. There are many reasons I enjoyed this book but I would say the main reason is that I could really understand how the characters felt about the society they lived in. Huxley seemed to develop his characters so fully that they were almost like real people. Also I thought it sent a very important message out about the dangers of a society of people becoming too involved in materials goods and commercialism.
  2. The worst was probably "Lord Of The Flies" by William Golding. This was assigned to us in advanced Grade 10 English, which is most likely the reason I disliked it. In my mind it was very childish for Grade 10, I can understand the moral behind it of good and evil and how circumstances can change the social structure, but even so I think it would have been more valuable in Grade 5-8.
  3. This is a hard question to answer because I think it really depends on the class, the grade and how the teachers go about teaching the text. However I do believe that every student should be given the opportunity to study William Shakespeare. There are many valuable things to learn from Shakespeare, he was the master of creating realistic personalities and his character development was amazing. In particular, Othello is a great example of a work that can contribute much to a child's education, a great study of human relations, jealousy and racism.
  4. I don't believe any book should be removed from the school curriculum. Again I think it really depends on the class, grade and teacher. No matter how bad a book may seem to one person, certain teachers can make anything an enjoyable and rewarding learning experience.
  5. I'm not really certain what makes a book become a "classic". I like to believe that it is because the book teaches some lesson or contains some element that is directly or indirectly relevant to society and the human race in general. Good literary devices, plot construction, characters that we love or love-to-hate, or even just an original idea could all contribute.

I didn't do too badly this week with my reviewing, so far I have added reviews for the following four books, with more to come this week.

This week has been fabulous for book-buying, I hit up quite a few of the local used bookshops and found an interesting mixture of reading to add to my TBR stack, that has turned into separate piles while slowly winding its way throughout the house.

atlas shrugged book of shadows cover darkness that comes before diary of ellen rimbauer fabulous nobodies freaky green eyes heart of darkness hidden life of humans kitchen witch lamb liars club life as we knew it mona lisa overdrive replay ruins secret of the lonely doll survival the bride stripped bare the girls time travellers wife vinyl cafe diaries white noise

So my main goals for the upcoming week is to finish up reading the 12 or so books I've got started, post a bunch of reviews and not do any book-shopping (for the sake of my wallet and the need to eat)!!

So what about everyone else, have any exciting plans for the week, any books you're itching to get read or like me are you just taking the days as they come?

Have a great week and happy reading everyone!

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kristen said...

Thanks for playing! I enjoyed your answers, and I'm glad I found your blog... I'm itching to finish Belong to Me, which I mostly devoured this weekend...

SmallWorld Reads said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. The only one that I've read from your new additions is the Time Traveller's Wife--and I LOVED it. I have Liars Club on my TBR list, too.

wisteria said...

I agree Lord of the Flies....Yuk!!! wasn't there anything better in YA at the time? Horrible book in MHO.

You will absolutely love The Ruins.
Start there.

I'm finishing a couple of ARCS for reviews and then some historical love.

bkclubcare said...

What is SO interesting about all the negativity with Lord of the Flies is that I read it in my 30s having not been required when I was a student. And I really got a lot out of it. I was trying to get back to classics and see what I missed. I so wonder if I would have hated it if it was 'reqd reading'.

naida said...

wow, lots of great book selections there.
I heard 'the ruins' is very good.

great reviews...I love the cover of 'Lost and Found'