Weekly Geeks #11

The assignment for Weekly Geeks #11 is to lend a hand in
getting some reviews done and some books out of the way. Dewey has a stack of books to be reviewed and less than two weeks before moving. Here's where the Weekly Geeks come in - We need to choose one of the books listed and submit 3 questions for Dewey to answer. Then Dewey will post a review and set the book free to go on its way. Some of the books will be returned to the library and some will be put into giveaways. Great idea this week Dewey!

The book I have chosen is When You Are Engulfed In Flames by David Sedaris. Much like his other novels When You Are Engulfed In Flames is a collection of essays concerning his daily life. I am a huge fan of his dark humour and have been anxious to read this latest work from Sedaris.

Here are my three questions for Dewey:
1. David Sedaris gleams much of the inspiration for his writing from his family and friends, some anecdotes are less than complimentary and fall into that category of "please don't mention this again". Personally how would you feel if a family member used your embarrassing tales or eccentricities as the basis of their writing?

2. Time magazine named David Sedaris as the Humorist Of The Year, in your opinion is Sedaris a valid choice for this award? Is the fact that his humour comes from everyday thoughts and occurrences a prime basis for this success?

3. In 2007, Sedaris became the focus of much publicity for admitting to exaggerating his non-fiction essays. However many people came to his defense stating that many non-fiction writers embellish the truth (including world famous comedian Bill Cosby) in order to connect more vividly with their audience. Do you believe that non-fiction writers have that right to exaggerate their writing in order to enhance their work? Or should they be considered fiction writers instead?

Anyone who has read the works of David Sedaris, please feel free to leave comments or opinions.
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