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Booking Through Thursday

    Other Worlds

    Suggested by Miko


Are there any particular worlds in books where you’d like to live?

Or where you certainly would NOT want to live?

What about authors? If you were a character, who would you trust to write your life?



The one literary world I have always wanted to visit is the one created by Lewis Carroll for Alice in Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass. I loved all the mysteries and nonsense that were found in these books.


Another fictional world that would be interesting to visit would be the Anita-verse, a world created by paranormal author Laurell K Hamilton, in which were-animals, vampires and the undead all live within our modern day society.


I would most certainly never, ever want to live in any world created by HP Lovecraft that follows the Chtulu Mythos, those ancient gods scare me senseless.




I've always thought about how wonderful it would have be to live in Shakespeare's time, but after studying Elizabethan era this year I have decided against it. (poor hygiene and no sewer systems are not my thing)


Now if I were going to choose someone to write my life story I think it would definitely be Hunter S Thompson - Gonzo Reporter - because he could make any mundane thing seem exciting, unusual and crazy! Or maybe a graphic novelist - I'd love to see myself and my family as comic book characters.

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Smilingsal said...

There is no author I would choose to write me. Authors have a way of making life complex and/or killing off characters.

Alix said...

I'm not sure I could cope in Alice's world :)

katrina said...

Good answers x

Bluestocking said...

Wonderland would freak me out with the lack of logic. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Wonderland would be too weird for me too, I think. I love the quote in your header, it's one of my favourites. =)

Peta said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. If you're thinking about checking out The Culture books by Iain M Banks, and seeing if you fancy living there instead, then I'd suggest starting with Consider Phlebas but there is no particular order to the books.

Lightheaded said...

Yay, no Cthulhu world for me to! Way too creepy! Of course I realized that after reading your post.

Haven't read any Anita Blake. I have the first four of them but haven't got the time to take a peek yet.

Literary Feline said...

What a great idea! Having a graphic novelist write your story! I want that too now! :-)

I actually listed Anita's world as one I wouldn't want to live in. I really do enjoy the series, but it's a bit too dark for me to want to actually step into.