Literary LoLcAtZ

Personally I am a dog-person, I've got nothing at all against cats - I even own a cat (err rather she owns me but that's besides the fact) I love my kitty - known as Aibigail - but she really doesn't like humans. She never has. She also doesn't like other cats, children, vehicles, airplanes, crows, toys, catnip, well for the sake of brevity she doesn't like much. But what she does love, evident by the gleeful look of sadistic pleasure I see in her eyes - is swiping her paw at the pages of books as I read. Now you may picture an innocent little cat sitting beside their human and playfully flipping at the paper ... OH HECK NOOO ... replace that image with a human quietly reading, relaxed and unsuspecting, then suddenly without warning, a torpedo with fur fly's across your lap, claws extended, and with insane madness shreds 4 perfect slashes across your book!!!! OMG it is enough to stop your heart!!!


<----- The Culprit

Name: Abigail

Breed: Siamese Mix

Age: 10

Likes: Books & Magazines

Dislikes: Relaxed Humans


Anywoo with crazed cat stalking around and still hungry for more I am now too paranoid to go back to my reading. So I was fooling around on the computer and decided to blog about my book-killer-kitty, and also share some of my favourite literary-minded LOLcatz from around the web.

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Andi said...

LOL, I'm a dog person too, but I can certainly appreciate a good cat story. I used to have two, and they weren't fans of the books either.

Ruth said...

I love the one looking at the menu. Er, bird guide. These are great! Thanks for sharing them.

naida said...

awww very cute kitties.

Anonymous said...

LOLOL! That is too funny! We have insane animals (parrots, rabbits, dogs, and a cat) which blend into our home perfectly.

phantom inkheart said...

LOL Those pictures are so cute! I love cats and dogs, buti was never really a dog person until I (unexpectedly) got my dog, Brownie. Anyhoo, my brothers cat shadow, is also a book ruiner. He likes to come up and rub his face on the corners, and then suddenly bite them and leave teeth-mark holes on the top corners.