Weekly Geeks #15 - What Is It?

Weekly Geeks #15 is another super cool idea - Dewey would like every one to play a game called "What Is It?" using book cover close-ups.


I've decided to give my What Is It photos a theme - Canada Reads. Some of you may know about this, but for the ones who don't here is some info:

Canada Reads is a week-long CBC radio show hosted by Jian Ghomeshi. In this annual literary bun-fight, five celebrity panelists are asked to defend their favourite Canadian works of fiction. Day by day, books are voted off the list, until one panelist triumphs with the book for Canada to read this year.

So now that everyone knows what exactly my theme is about, here are the covers I have chosen. One from all seven Canada Reads events.

 Photo Collage1. Rockbound
 Photo Collage2.
 Photo Collage 3.
 Photo Collage4. Complicated Kindness
 Photo Collage 5.
 Photo Collage 6. Next Episode  Photo Collage 7. Lullabies For Little Criminals

Here are some other Weekly Geeks playing What Is It?

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    marineko said...

    you win 2 postcards from my Weekly Geek! (i, on the other hand, can't seem to place any of your books...) just e-mail me your address at marisarepinATgmailDOTcom and i'll be mailing you your postcards!

    Chris said...

    Hmm... Rockbound, A Complicated Kindness, Lullabies for Little Criminals(?), I'm drawing a blank on the rest.

    ichigo said...

    nice one...i only know lullabies for little criminal

    Dewey said...

    Hmmm, I can't answer a single one of them! But I like your Canadian theme.

    Book Zombie said...

    Rockbound, A Complicated Kindness and Lullabies for Little Criminals are all correct!

    Ali said...

    I found #6! Next Episode, by Hubert Aquin.

    Book Zombie said...

    Yep #6 is right ali :)

    That leaves 2,3 and 5 to answer.

    Icedream said...

    I only knew 4 and 7 because I read them but 5 is driving me crazy! LOL I keep thinking I have seen it..hmmm. I'll keep pondering over it. :D

    Icedream said...

    I had to find #5! I'ts- In the Skin of a Lion by Michael Ondaatje. I have Divisadero on my TBR pile right now- Ondaatje has been on my mind. :D

    Kim said...

    Nice covers but I am clueless! You were right on my blog--the author is Haven Kimmel.
    Thanks for visiting!
    (page after page)

    Melody said...

    Nice covers! I could only recognize #7. LOL.

    Tasses said...

    Congratulations! You won my book contest. I sent you an email, but thought I'd also comment to tell you. Please send me your snail mail address :-)

    Joy Renee said...

    this is a great WG assignment and i forgot to check for it on saturday! now there is only a couple of days to put one together.

    thanx for visiting my last week WG pictures of the books in my room

    btw i am hosting another giveaway at Joystory this week and yet another is scheduled for the week of Sept 22