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king of sword and sky Synopsis
King of Sword and Sky is Book 3 of the Tairen Soul series. Returning to the Fading Lands with his Celierian truemate, Rain discovers a dissension among the most powerful members of his own council. As the Eld plot their next deadly strike, Ellysetta struggles to master her powerful magic and discover how to save the tairen, while Rain confronts open challenge to his rule and prepares to lead the Fey army to war. Previous entries in the series are Book 1 - Lord of the Fading Lands and Book 2 - Lady of Light and Shadows.
Many people may at first glance assume King Of Sword and Sky is just another book in the romantic-fantasy genre, but they would be mistaken. This series is first and foremost adventure story of epic proportions. Although there is some romance involved, it is not the main focus of this story, instead it is used as a way to emphasize the story. There is also mystery, suspense and magical action galore to be found in this story.
Tairen, tairen, soaring high
Undisputed king of sky
Which great god did fearless chance
To cast thy bold magnificence?
C.L. Wilson has created a staggeringly vibrant world populated with all manner of fantastical beings, including elves, fey and wizard mages, with the main race being the Tairens. The main characters Ellie and Rain develop even more stronger personalities as their story continues on in this third novel and Wilson displays astounding creativity and imagination in creating a world that is more complex than any other fantasy realms brought to life through books.
The Fading Lands
Shrouded behind an impenetrable curtain of magic known as the Faering Mists, the Fading Lands are home to the Fey, a race of legendary, fiercely powerful immortals.
Also called the Shining Folk for their incomparable beauty and the faint luminosity of their pale skin, the Fey are champions of Light who throughout the millennia have willingly sacrificed themselves again and again to defeat the forces of darkness in the World. Their greatest enemies are the followers of Seledorn, God of Shadows, chief among them the dark-souled Mages of Eld.
The Fey used to mingle freely with other races, but after the devastation of the Mage Wars, they returned to the Fading Lands, erected the Faering Mists, and withdrew from the World.
Now darkness is rising again in the land of their greatest enemy, and it is time for the Fey to enter the World once more.
This review is shorter than I woud like and doesn’t come close to expressing how wonderful this series is, but there is so much going on with these books plotwise that it would be difficult to add more without spoilers. The Tairen Soul series is one that I would highly recommend to anyone who enjoys the complexities involved in fantasy epics such as Lord Of The Rings or any of the sagas by Terry Brooks. King Of Sword and Sky is a sensational story of good versus evil.
About The Author
C.L. Wilson is an award winning debut author of a new cross-genre series that combines sword and sorcery fantasy with lush romance. Her first book is being released in two back-to-back volumes in October and November 2007 as lead titles of Dorchester Publishing's Leisure Books imprint. Ms. Wilson graduated cum laude from Georgia State University. She holds a Bachelors Degree in English, Creative Writing. Before selling her first book, she worked as a marketing manager, a technical trainer, and a marketing product manager for high tech companies.
She is a member of Romance Writers of America and currently serves on the Board of her local chapter, Tampa Area Romance Authors.
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Lol - I know what you mean, the cover is so not my style.

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this does sound like a good series, great review.