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Betsy Taylor thought entering the world of the undead was a big adjustment. Being a new bride isn't much easier. The blush has only been on for two months, and Betsy has a lot to do: set up the new house, finish writing thank-you notes, and raise BabyJon, her half brother and legal ward. Just another happy American family adjusting to marital bliss.

Betsy's husband, Sinclair, has been perusing the Book Of The Dead, and Betsy's visited by a ghost who's even more insufferable, stubborn and annoying in death than she was in life. She not only blames Betsy for her condition but insists she fix it. It's all just a prelude to the fun and games awaiting Betsy and Sinclair when a pack of formerly feral vampires, hungry for blood and power, pays a visit to the happy couple. Welcome to married life, Betsy!


This book, like many others, begins with a short "Note To The Reader". What the author has to tell her fans is that although this is Book 7 in the Queen Betsy series, it is also the beginning of a trilogy of books that will contain a whole new story arc. Hmmm, I wasn't too sure how to take this news. I've been a Betsy fanatic since 2002 when Undead and Unwed introduced us to this crazy, vampy, broad. Each book since has told a little more about what it's like to wake up as the newly undead Queen of the vampires. A few times this series has veered over to unite with Davidson's Wyndham Werewolves stories, but that was great, as it was an added bonus to see just how Betsy would deal with a furry pal.

My main concern about the new story arc is that the scope of the series is going to become larger and more complex. This seems to worry to me because while reading Undead and Unworthy, I kept feeling as though the story was a but disjointed. There was much more happening in this instalment that in the previous six, action-wise, and I found myself going back and re-reading a sentence or two just to make sure I had the sequence and characters right. (Just like to add here that I normally have no trouble following action, dialogue - maybe I was tired or not concentrating enough)

As far as the plot is concerned, I was very pleased. For any readers of this series, the Fiends have been a loose end for the last couple books. So I had been curious how this was going to be negotiated - Undead and Unworthy tackled this in a really interesting way. But rather than tying up all the ends it merely unravelled a whole slew more. Which I will be looking forward to following in the next few books.

Overall Undead and Unworthy was a good addition to the series, although not as strong as the previous books. Also, even though this is book 7 within the series, it would also work as book 1 if you weren't interested in reading the first 6 (however I highly recommend starting right from the start, as you would be missing out on some fabulous fun reads if you didn't). If you are looking for a brilliantly hilarious vampire heroine (with a pack of side-splitting side-kicks) be sure to check out MaryJanice Davidson's Queen Betsy series.

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S. Krishna said...

I've been wanting to start this series, but haven't gotten around to it...

As far as Room for Love, from the story perspective, it's really unique and interesting. Just beware of the main character and I think you'll like it :-)

naida said...

i've seen this series before, the covers are so cute.
great review!

Anonymous said...

I'm with S. Krishna, been wanting to start this series...heard too many great things about it!