WG #17 Quotes Day 4




The most


creature in

the world is

a wet dog. 

~Ambrose Bierce


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LisaMM said...

Boy isn't that the truth!! And then they love to shake shake shake all over you!

icedtea said...

I'm really enjoying this series of pics and quotes. :)

Terri said...

Wonderful photo - great quote! I can actually smell wet dog!

Serena said...

you know why wet dogs are the most affectionate...because they want you to be wet too!

Icedream said...

You dog looks so cute! And doesn't seemt to have that terrified look in the eyes that mine gets at the word "bath".

Book Zombie said...

Thanks for all the kind comments! Raimi actually loves getting bathed, he is a big swimmer so water of any kind makes him happy :)

naida said...

sooo cute!