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ghost in the mirror Synopsis

When you gaze into your mirror, you don't expect to see anything other than your reflection. However, you may be surprised to learn that this ubiquitous sheet of glass is really a doorway to another realm. Thousands of witnesses have stepped forward to admit that they have seen apparitions in mirrors. In fact, the mirror is one of the most common places where ghosts appear.

In her fourth collection of true ghost encounters, author Leslie Rule explores astonishing cases of ghost sightings, many at haunted locations open to the public. These hair raising stories focus on manifestations in mirrors and interviews with the startled witnesses who have seen them. In Ghost In The Mirror, Rule also extensively researches the history of each location. Illustrated with dramatically shot black and white photographs, these stories of spooky encounters will keep you turning the pages and forever change the way you look in the mirror.


As the title suggests, Ghost In The Mirror is a non-fiction book based on ghosts and hauntings and their relations to mirrors. This books contains many short tales based on factual events that occurred through the United States. Each piece begins with a story told from a witnesses perspective and is then followed by the authors opinions and historical findings. In many instances the author has found evidence to support the ghostly tales, but there are some where it seems that coincidence plays a major role. But it is the spooky experiences themselves that are the most enjoyable, as all of the witnesses appear to be certain that they have come into contact with something paranormal. Their surety and fright is what really drives these tales, regardless of supporting evidence.

Ghost In The Mirror is also an extremely well put together book, the stories are short and to the point which leaves the reader free to read straight through or read at a leisurely pace. Throughout the book the author has presented photographs, mostly from her own personal collection, in sharp black and white, that add a lovely and eerie touch to her writing. And her writing is wonderful as well, providing just enough background information and explanations when needed. Add to this the authors relaxed and casual tone and you have the perfect read for a dark and stormy night. 

About The Author

Leslie Rule is the author of Coast To Coast Ghosts, Ghosts Among Us and When The Ghost Screams, as well as two suspense novels and more than fifty feature articles in national magazines. Leslie’s lifelong fascination with the paranormal began in her childhood home – a haunted beach shack built atop a burial ground on Puget Sound. She lives in he Seattle area.

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Serena said...

Really lovely! I think this would be a great non-fiction book to add to my list. Thanks for the review!

naida said...

this sounds so good, great review!

Lenore said...

That is one freaky cover!

Sarah G said...

Wow, that book would really freak me out. I remember doing "Bloody Mary" at slumber parties when I was a kid... and that still scares me!

Nicole said...

The cover freaks me out I would have to hide it from myself.