Weekly Geeks #25 – Bookish Gifts

Holiday Gift Guide – Bookish Style

Christmas may seem like it’s a ways off yet, but before you know it the Holiday Season will be upon us. Many people like to get their lists made and their shopping done before the stores get crazy, and no one enjoys having to run out Christmas Eve for that last minute gift. So in the spirit of being ready and also to promote literacy and the love of reading, here is my Bookish Gift Giving List.

Hopefully some of my holiday ideas may come in handy! 

For The Gamer :
With video-games becoming so popular, it only makes sense for the craze to have trickled over into the bookstores. These books based on the award-winning video games, Halo and Resident Evil would make the perfect reading material for any gamers. Both series follow the original storylines and are quite well-written.





You can also find strategy guides available for almost every game made.

The two most popular publisher of these guides are Brady Games and Prima Games.


Hands On Fun For The Family : 
Everyone, from toddlers to grandparents, enjoys getting their  hands dirty, and with these great books it’s easy to find the perfect project. 
Not only will kids have a fantastic time crafting, they will also have fun reading through these books and planning their next creation.

For The Nature Lover :
A great gift for anyone who enjoys the great outdoors is a book that provides information on the areas in which they enjoy investigating. Many of the major guidebooks do not give much information on lesser know attractions. With hiking and specialty guidebooks you can find many unknown treasures right around the corner.

The books pictured above are all ones that my family uses for adventures in Nova Scotia, but most every bookshop has a section devoted to travel books for all over the world.  

For The Reader :
Buying books for a reader should be easy, but what if you don’t know what they like, or what they have. Or maybe you want them to choose their own books. Gift cards are the best choice when you just aren’t sure. Also many bookstores now have entire departments full of non-book gifts for the book lover. Below are a few of my favourites.


For Everyone On Your List :
Last but not least, one of the gifts I enjoy giving to friends and family, both far and near, is a magazine subscription. With the millions of magazines being published today, finding one to interest even the hardest person to shop for is a snap. And the wonderful thing about giving a subscription is that it lasts all year long!



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Icedream said...

Wow, I love your gift giving guide! It is so well thought out and such great ideas. I think you should adopt me. :D

Anonymous said...

I've got bookmarks on my Christmas wish list!

Kailana said...

Unrelated to your post, but our weather would sound the same because I guess we live in the same province. haha

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I got gamers...lol! That will be a must this year.

Andi said...

Great guide!! I'm not a hardcore gamer, but I love the Resident Evil movie (the first one). I've been a weee bit tempted to pick up one of the books. :)

Suey said...

Great post! I can't decide if I'm doing this Weekly Geek this week. I'm lousy at picking out gifts for people, so I'm afraid to pass that on in a blog post!

I do love giving magazines though, so it was fun to see that suggested!

Ali said...

Nice list. Those craft books look particularly good, I need to check those out for my kids. thanks!

naida said...

what a great gift guide!
I like that little thingie where you can lay your book and cuppa tea too. how convenient.


Serena said...

There's a little something for everyone in your list. great idea.