Dewey’s Books Reading Challenge

WhatDewey’s Books Reading Challenge 
Who – Hosted by
Chris & Robin  
Dewey's Books Challenge Blog
When – 1/1/09 through 12/31/09
How – Read one book that Dewey reviewed from each year of her blog (2003–2008) for a total of six books.
Why – This challenge is a tribute to Dewey and a way to honor a wonderful blogger and friend, while at the same time sharing her love of reading.

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*Originally I had a list of books picked out, but I kept adding more to it, or realizing that a book I wanted to read Dewey had already talked about/reviewed. So I’m pretty much winging it now*



My Review

Dewey’s Thoughts

1 Invention of Hugo Cabret 17 May 2009 19 September 2007 – Review
2 Before I Die 18 January 2009 14 October 2007 – Book Coveting
3 Tale Of One Bad Rat 17 May 2009 8 January 2008 – Review
4 American Born Chinese 10 March 2009 9 April 2008 – Review
5 Westing Game 2 February 2009 9 July 2008 – Review
6 Living Dead Girl 30 January 2009 10 September 2008 – Review

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Anonymous said...

How very thoughtful! Count ME IN! I will do this one :) But first lemme see I can get the books she has :)

Thanks to you for letting me know! And thanks to the organizers as well

Robin said...

That's a great list, Joanne! You are going to read some of the same ones I chose. Thanks for joining us in this Challenge!

Anonymous said...

Count me in! What a wonderful way to remember Dewey!

Dar said...

This is a great way to remember Dewey. I think I'll be joining in this one too.

Chris said...

Great list Joanne!! We have a whole lot of overlap. I did the same thing as you...I couldn't stop at just 6 books, so I have a pool of like 15, lol.

naida said...

sounds like a great challenge to remember dewey, I may have to join too.

Nymeth said...

Wonderful choices. I'll probably end up reading many of those too. And I really need to read of the last comments she ever left me was saying I'd probably enjoy that book :(

jessi said...

I'm doing this one! It looks like we have similar pool lists, too. :)

Anonymous said...

Great list! I love your blog!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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