BTT – New Year’s Resolutions

How perfect that Booking Through Thursday falls on the very first day of 2009 – and the topic today is very appropriate:

So … any Reading Resolutions? Say, specific books you plan to read? A plan to read more ____? Anything at all?

Name me at least ONE thing you’re looking forward to reading this year!

Well, as much as I love lists and such, I have absolutely no plans for my reading in 2009. I would like to hopefully cut my TBR pile in half. It’s to a point now where I have way too many books in the pile that were impulsively added. From now on I am going to be much pickier when buying books – no more picking up books that look so-so, and I definitely need to work on avoiding the bargain tables. At this point, I want my reading to consist of review books, library books and my absolute must-reads that have been acting as dust catchers over the past few years.

Here are the 2009 books I am looking forward to - which I have saved a gift card for, so I’m not breaking my above resolution, really I’m not :P

— February
♦ Supernatural: John Winchester’s Journal
♦ Fool by Christopher Moore
♦ Fade by Lisa McMann
♦ He Is Legend: Honouring Richard Matheson 
♦ Handle With Care by Jodi Picoult
♦ City Of Glass by Cassandra Clare  
♦ The Golem by Edward Lee 
♦ Pygmy by Chuck Palahniuk 
♦ Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks
♦ Skin Trade by Laurell K. Hamilton
No Release Date Yet
♦ Black Tooth Grin: The High Life, Good Times, and Tragic End of "Dimebag" Darrell

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Beth F said...

What patience to save your gift cards! I usually rush right out to use them. Happy BTT.

Smilingsal said...

Isn't it wonderful to have gift cards and dream of getting as yet unreleased books? (*sigh*) Happy New Year.

Literary Feline said...

I am also planning to cut back on the books I add to my TBR collection this year (even though I joined the Buy A Book and Read It Challenge). Whenever I get the urge to buy another book, I am going to ask myself, "Are you going to read this within the next month?" And if the answer is yes, I may just buy it. If the answer is no, it will go on my wish list for another time.

I have quite a few gift cards, but I am hoping I'll be patient enough to hold off on spending just yet.

Ali said...

I'm looking forward to Fool, too!

Eva said...

What fun! I'm not buying books this year, but hopefully my library will have some of these. :)

naida said...

great list of books there.
I need to cut my TBR pile in half as And I need to avoid the bargain tables too!

Serena said...

you have a great deal of patience to save the gift cards. I wouldn't have that much patience...I didn't get any this year.