Geekalicious !

- Someone who is a geek to the extreme but still has social skills.
example: My friend Lilac is geekalicious. you should really ask her out.

As the definition above proves, being Geekalicious is actually a great thing – so who’s ready to get geeky?

Check out WeeklyGeeks.Com for the return of the Weekly Geeks Event! Grab a button for your blog while your there to show off just how geekalicious you really are!

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Anonymous said...

Yea Geeks!

naida said...

thanks for posting this! very glad weekly geeks is still going :)

Maree said...

Go the Geeks :)

Anonymous said...

LOLOL! That dictionary totally rocks!

Anonymous said...

I think Weekly Geeks needs a geek girl button! ;-)