Review – Conan Doyle’s Wallet: The Secrets Within

British Psychic-Medium, Patrick McNamara, attended an auction at Christie’s in London with the sole purpose of bidding on items belonging to the famous author and spiritualist, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Primarily, Patrick was after Conan Doyle’s wallet, untouched since his death in 1930. Through the fascinating contents in the wallet, Patrick began to spiritually communicate with Sir Arthur providing insight to Conan Doyle’s life on earth and his current life in the spirit world. Based on Sir Arthur’s revelations, the unique book helps readers understand that how we live our lives on earth determines our path in the afterlife. Through Patrick McNamara, Conan Doyle’s messages will bring comfort and understanding to those who fear death, or have lost someone dear to them.

Taking a look into a person’s wallet or purse is like taking a quick peek into their lives. We all carry around things that mean something to us, or say something about us. Wouldn’t you love the opportunity to see what your favourite author carried with them every day? And what if those scraps of their daily lives could provide you with a connection to that person, a connection that goes beyond the grave? Patrick McNamara had this chance when he obtained a wallet that belonged to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, author of The Lost World chronicles and creator of the famous literary detective Sherlock Holmes.

Conan Doyle’s Wallet: The Secrets Within, contained much more information than I expected. Along with learning the how’s and why’s of McNamara obtaining this valuable wallet, we also get a more personal glimpse of just who Doyle was. Descriptions of the items within illustrate more of who Doyle was as a man. This aspect of the book is a perfect introduction to the history of this famous author.

Other writings in this book focus on Patrick McNamara’s own beliefs involving the afterlife, and how he is able to connect with spirits. Never overbearing or pushy, McNamara presents his theories, with evidence and loads of pertinent information in a very open-minded and respectful way. It was especially interesting to see the way in which science, modern electronics and faith come together in an effort to explain paranormal activities.

I enjoyed Conan Doyle’s Wallet: The Secrets Within very much, both as a short biography of Doyle and as a look into the paranormal aspects of this world. Patrick McNamara is an author who views I enjoyed reading about, as they were extremely interesting and very well presented. Being a person who loves facts,  the Appendix, titled Famous People Who Believed In Spirits and the Afterlife, was very entertaining. It contained small blurbs about such famous people as: Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, Dr. Carl Jung, Dr. Sigmund Freud, Hillary Clinton, Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway, Lewis Carroll, Henry Ford and General George Patton. And those are just my favourites, there are lots more!

About The Author
Patrick McNamara has received spirit contact since he was a small child and has been a psychic medium all his life. Through his mediumship abilities, Patrick;s aim is to prove to others that we do live on after this life in a spiritual dimensions. There is no death.
A long-standing member of The Society For Psychical Research (SPR), Patrick tries to provide objective scientific proof of supernatural phenomena by capturing spirit evidence on camera. The group and website, was created to share his evidence.
Since leaving school, Patrick has been a serial entrepreneur, investing in different business areas. He has also worked in the entertainment industry. Patrick’s main interests are history, art, antiques, and reading but his passion is the paranormal, especially investigating old and haunted houses. Today he spends his time as a psychic-medium advisor and consultant. He resides in England.

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Wow, this sounds really really good. I'd love to check it out at some point, and it would fit my new blog Bridge the Gap!


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sound interesting! I like anything dealing with the paranormal.
great review :)