Review – Tales From The Crypt Volumes 1, 2, 3

On our trips to the local Library, once I’m done browsing it’s time to start searching for the rest of the family, and it’s not unusual to find them in the same place every time –  sprawled out in the Graphic Novels aisle. The latest venture into this popular section I was greeted by comments like “wait I just have to find issue #4” and “OMG can you believe they have the newest collection of X-Men” and “just because the lights are off doesn’t mean the library is closing” – and these were just the hubs comments! Anyway, since I was on the lookout for some new comics myself I took a quick peek, and ended up finding 3 collections of Tales From The Crypt Graphic Novels *squeee* I love these. Always having been a fan of the comics, TV show and cartoon show, I grabbed the first 3 volumes to add to my check-out pile.

Each volume contains 4 short tales, including a pun-filled introduction from The Crypt-Keeper, The Old Witch and The Vault-Keeper. At the back of the issue you can also find a sneak preview of the next edition and 2-3 additional articles about Papercutz (the publisher). As always, the stories themselves are in the traditional Tales From The Crypt style where bad things happen to bad people, often in bizarre, unusual or hilarious ways.

Tale From The Crypt #1 – Ghouls Gone Wild

Body Of Work -  Neighbours of a famous artist (who happens to specialize in gruesome cemetery portraits) plan an art heist in order to retire to sunny Florida. But of course, their scheme goes horrifically wrong.

For Serious Collectors Only
– Thomas Donalley is a collector of action figures, you know the ones you never take out of the box. When he sees a super rare Asian import he is willing to do anything to add it to his collection. But he ends up getting much more than he wanted and losing alot in the process.

The Tenant
– This story is a warning for all the bad landlords who neglect the upkeep on their properties. The tenant from this story is determined to get her living conditions up to par.

Runaway Roadkill
– A fashion designer diva knows that her new designs are not going to be a hit on the runway this season, but she is determined to stay on this top in the industry. In the end she realizes that some clothes really are ‘to die for’.

Tales From The Crypt #2 – Can You Fear Me Now

A Murderin’ Idol – Everyone wants to be the next PopStar Idol, but not everyone is willing to go as far as Jaysan. With a few tricks Jaysan has all the voters on his side, now he just needs to do something about Slymon Bowell, the toughest, snidest, most evil judge.

Crystal Clear
– For this rotten drug dealer, the newest technology in cell phones – an optical implant – is very important for his business dealings. However no technology will save him from his past.

– Serious comic collectors know how important it is to keep comics in plastic sleeves for protection. The collector is this story also knows how important it is to protect his comics from thieves. And his security system is the rarest one available.

The Garden
– Richard is an unhappy person, unsatisfied with his life and society as a whole. When he is given an offer to live in paradise, he is helpless to turn it down. But in the end he comes to find out you always get what you deserve in the end.

Tales From The Crypt #3 – Zombielicious

Extra Life – The popularity of online gaming and Sim-like environments has become a huge hit with people looking to escape their everyday lives. Andy (known as Evenblade in a World Of Warcraft style game) has been spending more and more time online, ignoring his real life. Only when the two worlds collide, does he realize you don’t get an extra life every time.

The Queen Of The Vampires
– Sybil and Tanith are the biggest fans of Victoria Price (author of the worlds most popular vampire books). When the chance to meet this author arises, only one can go. And the winner will finally find out just where the authors ideas come from.

Graveyard Shift At The Twilight Gardens
– Thomas Donalley, from Vol #1 makes a return appearance for this tale. Thomas has a new job, working in a nursing home. He is trying hard to give up his bad ways, but temptation is hard to resist. Unbeknownst to him, he is being tested, and he fails miserably, just when he thought he was doing something right for a change. But he does learn that value, much like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.  

Kid Tested, Mother Approved
– Jimmy is the greatest kid in the world, according to his mom. So he can’t figure out why everyone seems to go crazy just because he skips breakfast. Now Jimmy is more than a little suspicious about the ‘Chocolate Stuffed Fruity Grain Balls’ that used to be his all-time favourite cereal.

Check out all the information about Tales From The Crypt Graphic Novels and more at Papercutz

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Anonymous said...

Those covers! And the titles! I'm still giggling over Ghouls Gone Wild.

Kailana said...

That's great! I loved this series too back in the day! I don't think my library has a graphic novel section, but maybe I will have to see about ILL them...

Kailana said...

Me again. I just checked and I can get the first two. :) On the list they go...

Nymeth said...

I LOVED the series too! And I had no idea these existed. Want, want, want!

Ladytink_534 said...

I've never read any of the comics but I loved the TV show when I was a kid.

Belle @ MsBookish said...

These sound great. Kid Tested, Mom Approved sounds particularly interesting.

naida said...

awesome! I used to love the series! the cryptkeeper and his wicked laugh :)

Bibliolatrist said...

Great post! I loved the series when I was younger, and I've begun collecting them on DVD. Too much fun.

Susan said...

These were the comics I loved as a kid!!! OMG, beyond squeee!! Nymeth is right, 'want, want, want', and time to check out our library (not that I can get there with our bus strike) and see if they possibly have moved into the 21st century enough to have graphic novels there. Oh, thank you so much for reviewing them! You made my Saturday!!!

Anonymous said...

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