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About the Book

Halloween is upon us.

It is on this fateful night that we find Beatrice, Molly, and Mallory, the pop music group known as Angora Napkin, running behind schedule for their performance at the big Halloween bash.

Taking a short cut on a dark, twisted mountain road, the girls cross paths with one of the wandering dead and offer him a lift to a secret underground party. It is there that they are introduced to a lonely, misunderstood zombie boy named Dennis who they unwittingly convince to eradicate life on Earth in order to keep the party of the undead going for all eternity!

Will Angora Napkin be able to set right the horror they’ve unleashed upon humanity and still make the show on time, or will we all become worm food in the wake of the new zombie apocalypse? 


My Thoughts    
This was a great find for me, it’s a graphic novel, there’s zombies, there’s rock n’ roll (well at least once the candy-pop lead singer gets possessed by an evil emo-undead guy) and best of all Angora Napkin is 100% home-grown Canadian! Hailing from Prince Edward Island, a small but beautiful eastern province, Troy Little has brought to life an all-girl group of musicians; Beatrice, Molly and  Mallory. They call themselves Angora Napkin and travel from gig to fan-filled gig in a very cool shaggin’ wagon. And yes they have been told that their name is reminiscent of feminine hygiene products.

Angora Napkin is a terrific graphic novel. The color style is especially eye-catching, done in black and white with splashes of blue tones. And the artwork is awesome! Each panel, no matter how simple it may look at first glance has so much going on, the detail really is amazing. The storyline is a little bit of quirky, a splash of weird and lots of fun. This book seemed like the perfect intro to the characters and I would love to see more further adventures with them. Some stories about how they got where they are would be cool – I’d really enjoy more about what made Mallory such a train-wreck of awesome, I could totally see her history being something along the lines of: Once known as the sweetheart of the island, Mallory couldn’t live up to her beloved fans, changing her name, and leaving Green Gables behind, Mallory found peace in the arms of drugs, alcohol and the undead!   But hey I’m just a reader, check out the real creator of Angora Napkin Troy Little on his website – Caffeine & Sleep Deprivation V2.0  - Oh and do browse the archives from his old blog too!

About The Author

Troy Little is the author of the critically acclaimed graphic novel Chiaroscuro.  He lives in Prince Edward Island, Canada with his wife, Carol, and twin daughters, Alicen and Hayden.

Troy is currently working on bringing Angora Napkin to life in an animated pilot. He plans on returning to work on the next volume of Chiaroscuro in early 2009.


Title: Angora Napkin
Author: Troy Little
Book Genre: Graphic Novel
Book Type: Hardcover 152 pages
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Publication Date: February 2009
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Trish said...

Zombies, rock-n-roll AND Canadians! What's not to love about that? I've been trying to figure out which graphic novel to read next and this just might be it. Like the splash of blue with the black and white--very eye catching.

Glad you enjoyed!

Zibilee said...

This looks really cute. I have not read many graphic novels, but I am slowly trying to read more, and I am always looking for good recommendations, so thanks for posting this!

Belle said...

Another good book I haven't seen elsewhere! When I think of PEI I don't think of zombies :) I've added this one to my list - I think I'll like it, and I know my daughter will.

Troy Little said...

Hey, did you know this is the first review of my book I've come across? I was starting to think I hit a flat note!

So, THANKS JOANNE!!!!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

Ladytink_534 said...

I agree with the Comic Hunter, he has a very unique style! It sounds like an interesting story too.

Darla D said...

Ack - not another one! This sounds great, too. Sigh. :-p

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Anonymous said...

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