April 2009 – Reading Recap

Books Read in April 2009

  1. I Know This Much Is TrueWally Lamb
  2. In The ForestEdna O’Brien 
  3. The HoursMichael Cunningham
  4. Dead Is The New BlackMarlene Perez
  5. Jake’s WakeJohn Skipp & Cody Goodfellow 
  6. Haunting Of Hill HouseShirley Jackson
  7. Life Inside: A MemoirMindy Lewis
  8. On WritingStephen King
  9. PrettiesScott Westerfeld
  10. Pride, Prejudice & Zombies ♦ Seth Grahame-Smith
  11. SkelligDavid Almond
  12. EnclaveKit Reed
  13. Life SucksJessica Abel
  14. Angora NapkinTroy Little
  15. Ultimate Teen Book GuideDaniel Hahn 




Weird. Strange. Unusual. Keywords.
Again this month I have had some great keywords leading people to my blog. Maybe it’s just me being a geek again but this is probably the most fun thing about using Google Analytics, I don’t even check out the other stats like visits, page views etc. I just really have a good time looking through the list of keywords :)

"Suki and Raimi" – This was my absolute favorite search ever! Suki and Raimi are my dogs who I love to death, so seeing that someone actually google searched their names made me feel so happy and slightly proud also – I mean really, what are the odds of those two names being searched for together :P

"What happens if a Lhasa Apso eats 2+ mini Reeses? – Well Suki is a Lhasa and he eats peanut butter quite a bit with no side effects, however chocolate is poisonous to dogs! A small amount can make a dog throw-up or develop diarrhea. Larger amounts of chocolate can be fatal, so you must contact a veterinarian if your dog has eaten a lot or you are unsure of how much they’ve gotten into. My vet told me that for a 10-20 pound dog, 2-3 normal candy bars can kill. It all depends on your dogs body weight and the amount of cocoa. Also different types of cocoa products contain different levels of poison – just 2 small squares of bakers chocolate can kill a 20 pound dog. Please if you have dogs keep the cocoa products in a place that they cannot get into it.

Young Hunter Thompson – It’s probably no secret that Hunter S Thompson is one of my favorite writers, authors, journalists, personalities. I’ve been reading Gonzo recently which is just one of the many biographies that can be found about his life. Most of the books about him focus on his life after he left the military and began writing. Here’s an interesting CBC clip from 1977, when Hunter was 39 years old – not exactly young, but still one of the earliest videos to be found.

Canadian Zombies – Zombies in Canada?! That would be cool. And the first thing I’d be doing is logging onto ZombieTools and buying myself a couple of their awesome looking weapons for defeating the undead. I’m particularly fond of their d’Capitan model.


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Jeane said...

My neighbors growing up had daschunds and one of them got into the easter candy. He ate several ounces of it and was seriously ill. I love that little form you have for the reading stats. where do you get it?

Jules said...

Looks like a great April for you. I also love your form to keep stats. It's so unique. (I also like your Award cork board).

Anna said...

You had a great month. 71 books already...wow!

Diary of an Eccentric

Kailana said...

You think zombies in Canada would be cool? Are you crazy? lol I would not. I would be moving for sure! hahaha

Great reading month! You want to visit with zombies, read The Forest of Hands and Teeth. :) They don't attack you, you just read about other people being attacked!

Dar said...

Your dogs are absolutely beautiful! You sure did have a great reading month-good for you!

Trish said...

You had a great readig month and I love your doggy names. What a coincidence that they ended up in the same search! I don't look at my keyword searches often because most are boring, but my favorite so far is "mistress trish violently devoured video.' Not sure what it means or if I want to know, but it makes me giggle.

naida said...

great books read in April! I really like Wally Lamb. On Writing was a fabulous book.

Suki and Raimi are too cute :)

Mo from Unmainstream Mom Reads said...

Looks like you had a great month - and awesome keywords :)