Music Mundays ♦ Track 2

Okay, even though the title of this one is Track 2 it actually contains 3 songs. In keeping with the idea of music being able to tell a story much the way that books do, I’ve decided to reveal my hidden secret (well, aside from the My Little Pony thing that I’m sure Jill’s still laughing over) Normally, I would consider myself a full blown supporter of the Anti-Twang Movement aka Down With The Dixie Chicks. But I have a weakness for certain songs and artists which I prefer to think of as Southern Rock (it’s just an excuse but whatever.)

It was an old friend who turned me onto these songs back when we were teens, and they still pack an emotional punch when I hear them. Travis Tritt wrote three connected songs and made music videos for them that tell the story of Mac Singleton, played by Travis himself.

The first song is Anymore and is all about how Mac becomes paralyzed and how he feels about returning to his hometown and the love of his life Annie. Basically he’s battling with himself over how he could be with her now, and whether it’s right to want her to stay with him.


Following this is the second song, and my personal favorite, Tell Me I Was Dreaming. This song lets us know that things are well between Mac and Annie, she’s now pregnant with their child and their lives are perfect. But one day Annie has an accident on their dock, and Mac tries so hard to help her when she falls in the water. After help comes they get her to the hospital, but Annie can’t be saved and she dies while giving birth. But their baby survives and Mac is left with a beautiful little girl.

If I Lost You ends off Macs story, it’s now five years later and we find out how his life is going with his little girl. It seems to be sad but also really positive as Mac knows that even with all that’s happened he’s blessed to have his daughter with him.

So yes, sometimes country music can be excellent. And sometimes music videos tell stories worthy of being made into books – even if they may be tear-jerkers. Then again, maybe it’s all the cold medicine I’m taking that’s making me all sentimental and crap.

Huge thanks to Chris for creating the super-fabulous Music Mundays!

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Chris said...

Those videos are really cool...I like the story that they tell...but I have to admit that Travis Tritt is a little too twangy for me ;) There are a VERY few country artists that I like and most of them are really old like Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson. I had fun reading this though :) Glad you're enjoying Music Munday!

Kailana said...

Okay, you know where I live? THE COUNTRY MUSIC CAPITAL OF NOVA SCOTIA! I hear so much country music in the run of the week that I am so sick of I do not go seeking it. One of my friends does a, um, what's the word I am looking for here. He pretends his is a musician? I am totally blanking. I think he is Dwight Yoakum, but I am not sure... I am so not a country music person.

This was a fun post, though. I just had to vent. lol