May 2009 ♦ Reading Recap

Books Read in May 2009

  1. Clown Girl ♦ Monica Drake
  2. Dangerous Alphabet ♦ Neil Gaiman
  3. Giver ♦ Lois Lowry
  4. Halifax Haunts ♦ Steve Vernon
  5. Janes In Love ♦ Cecil Castellucci
  6. Legends of Dark Crystal ♦ Jim Henson
  7. Need ♦ Carrie Jones
  8. Plain Janes ♦ Cecil Castellucci
  9. Pretty Little Liars ♦ Sara Shepard
  10. Soulless ♦ Christopher Golden
  11. Twelve Reasons I Love Her ♦ Jamie Rich

I’ve had quite a few people ask me about where I got the graphic I use above for my reading recaps, and I’m terrible for replying to comments (sorry) so anyways I thought I’d answer here. I used PaintShop to create the blank library card and then each month I open it in Paint and add the new text. If anyone would like the blank graphic here is the link to where I’ve saved it on Flickr.

Looks like I’ve read quite a bit this month, but it’s not like I’m overworking my reader skills considering I am enjoying lots of graphic novels (over half my reads in May) But then again, some of the comics I’ve been looking at recently have stories that are just as (if not more) entertaining than some full-length literary novels.


Weird. Strange. Unusual. Keywords.

Taking a look at the searches that led people to my blog during May made it quite clear that school is wrapping up and people are trying to catch up on those pesky final assignments. When will these horribly, lazy little cheats realize how much easier it would be if they just read the frickin’ books themselves! I’m hoping everyone who uses the internet to find free essays gets a big fat F – sorry for the rant but that just makes me cranky :x

So here are some not-suckbag-cheat searches from May:

American Psycho Quotables – My quotable post on American Psycho is here but I’m telling you read this book and you will find an abundance of amazing quotables.

Are Wolves Teeth Sharper Than Sharks Teeth – Not entirely positive, but I think I heard something at the Boston Aquarium about sharks having teeth that are sharper than any land-mammal. Something to do with the jagged shape perhaps.

A-Z Book Challenge – This year’s A-Z challenge is hosted by Becky of Becky’s Book Reviews and the challenge has it’s own website which can be found right here. Which reminds me that I am horribly behind on updating my challenge progress :P

Bibliophilism Disease – Wow, I honestly don’t know if this is a real disease, but the word Bibliophile and the term Bibliophilism has been around since 1824. It’s definition is: a lover of books, specifically for qualities of format.

Book Recommendation For Teens – Young Adult and teen reads are a guilty pleasure of mine, but because I have 2 teen boys who read adult fiction, I'm not all that familiar with what’s happening in that area. So I have a couple of blogs I follow that focus a lot more on YA, have spectacular reviews and that I highly recommend ♦  Pop Culture JunkiePresenting LenoreThe Story Siren ♦ There are tons more out there that I read, but these are the three that I always check out.

Man Who Can Suck His Own Cox Contortionist – You know what really made me laugh about this search? That the person searching knew how to spell contortionist properly but not the word before it. See kids this is why you should do your own schoolwork – do you really want to be like this guy or girl? :P

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Vasilly said...

You did great last month! Which book was your favorite overall? I'm glad you posted about the reading recaps graphic. I kept meaning to ask you about it.

Anonymous said...

Nifty! Thx for the graphic. awesome list of accomplishments.

Jeane said...

Thanks for sharing that graphic! I like it so much I've started to think about doing a "recap" post on my own blog each month- if readers find it interesting, that is.

Stephanie said...

Awesome month, Joanne! I've added so many graphic novels to my list because of you. You should be ashamed of yourself!! Damn all you bloggers for talking me into reading Graphic novels!

I almost laughed myself right out of my chair with your contortionist comment! That is absolutely hilarious!

Veens said...

You are already at 95????? WOW!
Awesome month for you :)

Dar said...

You had a very good month. I was wondering about the graphic you use-it is pretty cool. I'm still not one for too many graphic novels but I love reading your reviews of them.

Lady Lazarus said...

Wow, you've read wonderfully this month :-)

That last keyword search really made me laugh.

Belle said...

You had an amazing reading month. Love the search terms. :)

Anonymous said...

this is the way a blog should be! thanks!