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The weather’s been crap lately. The air feels like breathing through three layers of cotton, sticky, hot, wet, everything feels damp to the touch. A lukewarm coating of liquid that wants to seep into your skin, slide into your lungs. The temperature is high, but the heat isn’t warm and soothing, it’s like standing over a stove-full of boiling-over pots. The sun can’t seem to even penetrate through the fog, the clouds, or are they smog? The only hope is that a thunderstorm will roll in and break this overbearingly, depressing atmosphere. The weathermen have been promising thunder, lightning, rain to come – hopefully soon.

Why am I blathering about the weather? Cause I feel like talking about nothing – and everything. Anyone know if there is any scientific theories that connect moods, emotions, human behavior with the weather? Because I’m positive there’s something going on there. I feel blah, in my head, in my body, just blah.

Yes, I’m whining, complaining, being so emo.

The weather makes me sleep badly. Instead of sleeping peacefully I sleep deeply and have the worst (best?) dreams. Those ones that are so vivid, that once you wake up it’s hard to get a handle of what’s real and what’s just a dream, or a memory – those are the ones that drive me crazy. Falling  asleep and reliving what already happened. In the morning the mind races with what ifs? and whys?

My life is good. I’m always happy with how things turned out and where things are heading. But at night I’m haunted by people and events from my past. Does the heart never truly forget?

This blog’s supposed to be about books, not my imbalanced state of mind, so now let’s head down another road and around the corner into reading.

Why do I read? No idea! But one of the many reasons is that it provides an escape. Reading a book about characters I’ll never meet, places I’m not familiar with. It’s a way to escape the thoughts fighting in my head to be heard, to be the loudest, to make me think. Words that shut out that inner dialogue that never stops.

I have a review coming up, it’s written and ready to go, but I keep going back and editing it. Adding something I want to say, replacing phrases that only say “read this now” with something a little less fan-girl. What’s the hardest review to write? The one where you love everything about a book, when you’ve read it twice cause it was just that damned good, the one you can’t wait for your friends to read so you can gossip. When a book matters to me, it’s hard to find satisfaction in what I write about it.

What book is it you ask? What book has me so excited? It’s a new urban fantasy, due for release in September, and it’s the very first chapter in a series! Which is another thing I’m so ecstatic about – a series that I’m dying to read more of. That’s the catch with new series’ that you love – the wait. But I have a feeling that these books will be more than worth the wait.

Oh right, I still haven’t mentioned what book it is – the author is Seanan McGuire, the series is The October Daye Novels and the title of the very first book is Rosemary And Rue. My review will be up soon, but here’s a little taste of the writing to whet your appetite. Seanan has a delicious way with words.


“I glanced back over my shoulder, watching the light play through the roses, and wondered why it couldn’t all be that way. Why can’t Faerie be the stuff of dreams, all courtly manners and glass roses, Courts and pageants? Why do we have to include murder, and mystery, and the stuff of nightmares?
Light glittered off the shattered petals on the path, answering me. It can’t all be dreams because a broken dream will kill you as surely as a nightmare will, and with a lot less mercy. At least the nightmares don’t smile while they take you down.”


Rosemary and Rue by Seanan McGuire

And just cause I love wallowing in my own depression, I was listening to some of my old skaterboys’  mixtape-songs from my younger, more punkish days. Avril can kiss my ass, she wasn’t even born when the real skaterboys ruled  :P

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Vasilly said...

Awww. . . As someone who's been in and out of depression, I know how much it sucks. I hope the tone of your inner dialogue changes soon.

Amy said...

I look forward to being able to read Rosemary and Rue.

I hope your inner dialogue is more pleasing to you soon. They can be so hard to live with.

Trish said...

Man your weather sounds down right crappy! We're really hot here, and humid, but it's to be expected in June (and july, aug, sept), so I'm trying not to moan too much.

I'm not sure the heart ever truly forgets, but sometimes it gets close, I think.

Hope you have a great week.

bermudaonion said...

I don't know about scientific studies, but I feel sure weather can affect moods. Dreary weather = dreary moods. Hope both lift for you soon.

Chris said...

I'm right there with you Joanne. The weather definitely affects my moods. There have been lots of studies done about this, you just have to search for them. There's lots of stuff out there on seasonal depression and on how the moon affects people's moods. BTW, I love that little drawing :p I forgot the artist that does those, but they're all great!

Shelley/Book Fanatic said...

Are you an author? you have a great way with words! I could almost feel the weather the way you described it!! "A lukewarm coating of liquid that wants to seep into your skin, slide into your lungs" really good!

Dar said...

Joanne, I can relate. The weather really affects my moods and ours here in Alberta has been crappy. Very gloomy and cool. I need sun. No problem on the imbalanced state of mind-with you there too. Hang in there, hopefully this week will be better.

Anonymous said...

I just read something about how the Santa Ana winds (dry and hot) affect peoples moods. Something about the ions, or some other science-y term that I forget. So yeah, weather and mood are linked. I'm always driving to another town on the weekend just to escape our June gloom.

Rhinoa said...

Yay for Bad Religion, they are awesome and so underappreciated these days. I love this song and the whole album. You are rignt Avril, has nothing on them.

I hope you feel better soon. I used to suffer from depression and still get it sometimes. Try not to hide yourself away too much if you can.

Nymeth said...

I really really hope you feel better soon, Joanne. Bad weather has always made me feel crappy, too. Less so in the past few years, fortunately, but still, I completely sympathize. As Chris said, there are quite a few studies about seasonal depression (they call it a "disorder", but I don't like calling it that), and they reveal that lots of people are affected by the weather. *hugs* just because.

Icedream said...

Joanne are you feeling better? Weather can set off moods but then the mood can linger too long!
Winter depresses me now. I have taken to going to tanning beds :( Yeah, bad for the skin but I slather on SPF 1000 and pretend I am at the beach for a little while :D.

Mo from Unmainstream Mom Reads said...

I hope you are feeling better. I know all too well what you are going through and I escape into books as well. Take care, ok?