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Sometimes the funniest things happen from reading other peoples’ thoughts of books. There are a ton of books I’ve enjoyed because of reading reviews and blogs. Another good thing is that I read a lot less bad or “not my thing” books. With so many bloggers talking about books it’s so much easier to make an informed decision on what you’ll enjoy, or what will be a waste of time – and with a TBR pile/list like mine I really don’t wanna waste any precious reading time.

But every once in awhile a book comes along that you’re sure you will dislike. Kailana blogged about Marked just a little while ago. It’s book 1 of the House of Night series, there are already 5 books out with a 6th in the making. It’s a set of young adult fantasy novels set in a boarding school for soon-to-be vampyres. It sounds like so many other books out there, but of course months ago when I saw that the first 4 books were on sale for half-price I grabbed them. But then I read Kailana’s review and thought to myself “oh god what have I gotten myself into?” She mentioned them being pretty predictable and the characters as being stereo-typical. Figuring I could take a read of book 1 and knock the rest off my pile, on Friday I jumped in. And Kailana was absolutely right! Marked was so not what I expected, the lead character was annoying, she actually used words like poopie, and it was easy to guess where the story was going. But … it is now Sunday evening and I have read the first 4 books in the series – Marked, Betrayed, Chosen, Untamed – what is wrong with me?! Seriously I cannot stop reading! I’m snarking, nit-picking and “as iffing” the entire time I’m reading, but I am unable to put the damn books down (o.O)

The only reason I am not right at this moment reading book 5 Hunted is because Big Brother 11 just came on and I am a complete junkie for this show. Normally I dislike any reality TV, but I’ve been hooked on this since the very first season. This year is pretty interesting since the 13 houseguests were put into cliques, exactly like high school – Popular, Brains, Athletes, Offbeats. So far I’m not favoring any particular group, but I do have my favorite players. I’d love to see either Jeff or Casey take the money this year, but with only one eviction so far it’s way too early to be sure just what will happen. All I know is that I really dislike the majority of the people in the house this summer.

Big Brother 11 Houseguests






Now I’m off to relax, read a little before bed, Hunted is watching and calling to me, but I shall be strong and pick up something else – I’m thinking maybe Stacy Jays’ You Are So Undead To Me could be a possibility, or maybe Tithe by Holly Black – I’m in such a YA mood right now!

So my question for everyone is have you ever been in the same situation as me, where you aren’t really into a series or book but you just can’t stop reading? And to any BB fans (I can’t be the only one!) what do you think of the show so far? Any favorite players? Any players you’d like to see evicted asap?

Happy Sunday everyone … and have a great week!

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Vasilly said...

I had to laugh reading this! Maybe I should read this series though if it's so addictive. Happy reading.

Jules said...

I'm also a big brother fan. And like you want Jeff or Casey to take home the money, likely won't be the case though. I don't like Ronnie, Chima, Jessie, Russel, Natalie. And Kevin and Lydia just follow who ever is in power, or are drama queens, so they're becoming annoying. Interesting season so far. But you are not alone in your BB. (I miss Dr. Will, he was always amuseing to watch).

Anonymous said...

Melissa Marr's books are a bit like that for me. I don't know why I keep reading them.

Also, my current book, Knots, which is a bit of a chunkster. I feel obligated to finish because it's set in Somalia. But there was this line about how something smelled like a piglet's armpit. Which makes me wonder if the author has personal experience with piglets and their armpits. Although, I keep going back to the fact that pigs don't have arms. That was over 100 pages ago, and I can't stop thinking about it!

Bibliolatrist said...

I agree that the majority of the BB houseguests are totally unlikable...I'm not too sure I like Casey, either, but Jeff seems like a safe bet so far -- unless he shows his true colors soon, just like the rest of them.

grumble grumble

bermudaonion said...

You are so funny! There are lots of books I enjoy even though they are cliched and predictable - sometimes that's just what I need.

Nymeth said...

lol! I don't know what it is about them, but bad books can be so addictive sometimes. That was my experience with The Forgotten Garden - I rolled my eyes the whole time, but I did read 659 pages in like 3 days :P

raidergirl3 said...

BB - my summer crack!
I get sucked in even worse because I read the boards at TWoP, and people who watch the feeds report on what has happened (so I know who won the Veto already) I have to stop reading over there! Such a time sucker.
I can't believe that meathead Jessie is back!
I loved seeing Dan last night, he was beyond awesome.
Uh, yeah, I watch BB too.

Andi said...

It's so funny that you say this. Heather over at A High and Hidden Place says the same thing. I have the first book on my stacks, and I'm curious if I'll have the same reaction. I think I will given that the three of us have similar tastes. Woohoo!

And "poopie"? Really?!!! lol

Jules said...

After raidergirl3's post I ran over to my BB11 spoiler site I go to to find out who won Veto. I always say I wont spoil myself, and every year I do. To be fair I might miss tomorrow's episode because I'm going to the gym, that means this time it's justified, right?

Also wanted to stop by to let you know I have an award waiting for you at my blog, here's the link.

and lets hope a good outcome for veto tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, you are not the only one feeling this way about the House of Night series! I've read similar things already and I feel exactly the same about it : it's not so well written, it's predictable, a little juvenile, stereotyped, and yet... I've read the first 4 and will probably read the 5th! There are good ideas in there, so I guess that's what keep us hooked to it! Plus, I like their covers.

Bart's Bookshelf said...

I liked the first one well enough when I read it, but I did have a real problem with their time-line, the pacing was ok as far as 'pages' went, but what should have taken weeks out of the characters lives, appeared to only take a few days.

If I had them on my shelves I'd probably read the rest, but I'm not going to seek them out.

Care said...

so these books are like bad snack food? I'm still laughing at Softdrink's pig armpit comment.

Kailana said...

lol. Well, I am glad you agree with me, but I have to laugh at you being addicted to them. I considered reading on, but I didn't... I am glad I gave you some 'bad' snack food to enjoy! haha

heidenkind said...

That happened to me with the Christine Feehan Carpathian Series. It soooo bad, and I didn't really think the books were good at all; but when the next book came out, there I was, buying it. =/ It was like crack, except not in a good way.

Lenore said...

Hey...sometimes you just need something good and trashy. That's why I keep VC Andrews around, ha!

Trish said...

I've never watched Big Brother but I had a friend in college who was Obsessed with this. Obsessed with a capital O. Sometimes I miss the days before reality TV--well, except Cake Boss, of course. Love that show!

Zibilee said...

I have had the same thing happen to me while reading the Kushiel series by Jacqueline Carey. I thought the books were just incredibly bad and unrealistic, but I couldn't stop myself from reading them and rolling my eyes all the way. It's such a weird thing to have happen, and it hasn't happened to me many times, but I really know what you are going through!

Lady Lazarus said...

Haha! I love this post. Actually, I've been wanting to read this series for a while now and you've actually intrigued me to go ahead and do it.

I was the same with the Twilight series. I wanted to know what the big deal was so when I saw that the books were 3 for 2 in Borders, picked up the first three. I *hated* the first book and all the characters in there. I really couldn't understand what people liked about it ... but I still went ahead and read the second book (which I actually enjoyed more because sparkly vampire boy wasn't in it) and saw the film. Ergh.

I'm the same with Big Brother. BB10 is on in the UK at the moment and it's filled with the most hateful, conceited people in Britain ... but I can't stop watching it!

Twin Pigeon said...

I totally agree about the House of Night series. Words cannot describe how I feel about these books. It's not just that they are a guilty pleasure or a little annoying...I actively loathe the writing. Yet I read every single one, as soon as it comes out.
It's like the hating has become a marathon sport. And I guess I want to know where the story goes.
What made me the most mad was when, in the 4th book or so, they totally name-dropped another author. It was like an in-text ad. That chick, who has never read anything the whole series, suddenly stops what she is doing and is like "I decided to sit down and enjoy the new book Ink Exchange, by my favorite author, Melissa Marr!" I almost threw my book across the room I was so offended.

And oooooh, BB! I can't really find anyone to root for this season. I wanted to like Lydia, but she has become annoying. And Ronnie is like the stereotypical movie jerkface king-of-the-nerds who is incompetent but thinks of himself as a genius (I almost died with his super sekrit "I am the national persuasive speech winner" confession). I guess I like Michele by default?

Uh, anyway, sorry for the epic sized comment. Do you mind if I add you to my blogroll? I like your style. :D