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Zombocalypse Now They Don’t Want Your Body, They Want Your Brains

You’re a stuffed bunny and it’s the end of the world. Between you and your objective are forty or fifty zombies gorging themselves on the flesh of the living. If you disguise yourself as one of them and try to sneak past the feeding frenzy, turn to page 183. If you grab a tire iron, flip out and get medieval on their undead asses, turn to page 11.
Zombocalypse Now is a comedy/horror reimagining of the choose-your-own-ending books you grew up with. You’ll be confronted with undead hordes, internet dating, improper police procedure, and the very real possibility that you’ll lose your grip on reality and wind up chewing the carpets.
The zombie apocalypse has never been this much fun.

Book Title: Zombocalypse Now Type: Trade Paperback 278 Pages
Author: Matt Youngmark Publication Date: August 2009
Publisher: Chooseomatic Books ISBN: 978-0-9840678-0-0
Genre: Fiction / Comedy / Horror / Action Purchase: Amazon

My Thoughts  
First things first, I’m guessing that pretty much everyone who was alive during the eighties knows what a choose-your-own-adventure book is. But for anyone who doesn’t here is the Wikipedia definition that sums it up pretty nicely:

Each story is written from a second-person point of view, with the reader assuming the role of the protagonist and making choices that determine the main character's actions in response to the plot and its outcome.

As a kid, I loved these books. As an adult I love zombies. Zombocalypse Now ties both these things together and casts the reader as a pink plush bunny. Wicked! The first chapter introduces the reader to their character (the above mentioned pink plush bunny), who is sitting in a restaurant waiting to meet up with a blind date. However when she finally arrives, she only wants to talk about brrraaaaaaains. So much for finding Mrs. Right. And here is where you must make your first decision on where the plot will go. And this is when you will finally comprehend that your date is actually one of many zombies that are on the loose looking for some cerebral snacks.

I found this book to be just as much fun as the choose-your-own-adventures from my childhood, actually it was more fun because every story arc (whether I died or not) was different incorporating lots of zombie creatures and the humor was quite funny. The cover of the book states that there are 112 possible endings with at least 7 in which you don’t die. When I started reading I assumed that being a huge zombie-phile I would find those 7 positive endings with no problem at all – but I was so wrong! A lot of the twists were pretty unexpected. My favorite (so far) would have to be the one where I escape the zombies by jumping into a fishing boat and trying to find an island that’s not been touched by the zombie outbreak, but end up running out of gas, not finding land and not having any food or water. Luckily it was a fishing boat, so I cast a line and try to catch my supper – unluckily I end up catching a zombie mackerel that eats me for dinner.

Zombocalypse Now is definitely an awesome book, and fun to read more than once. Another thing that makes this book great is that it’s perfect for a long car ride. Read it aloud and have the kids decide which path to take in the story! Pink plush bunnies, zombies, undead llamas and good, clean family fun.

About The Author
Matt Youngmark lives in Seattle. Zombocalypse Now is his first book.

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Vasilly said...

I'm loving the sound of this book! If I'm lucky, my library has it. Who would have thought to use a pink stuffed bunny as the protagonist?

Anonymous said...

Would you believe I've never read a choose your own adventure story? Obviously, I was a deprived child.

bermudaonion said...

I loved the choose your own adventure books too! I bet this one would be loads of fun!

Anonymous said...

I always loved the CYOA books as a kid, and then I found some copies here in our local library and introduced them to Mags. Maggie loves the books, and we picked up a few from library sales. Now, they're making a resurgance in popularity and new books are being printed, which is cool.

I like zombies, too, so I'd love to get ahold of this one and read with Mags :-)

Lightheaded said...

Oooh, I loved CYOA way, way back! I mean goodness, I once had to choose between bringing a matchstick or a knife and when I ended up with the latter, the story opted for needed the matchstick instead :P

Aaah, zombies :) Looks like a very engaging read indeed. Particularly with the 112 possible endings :)

Stephanie said...

OMG! I must have this book!! How fun!! If the choose-yourr-own-adventure wasn't enough of a pull, it would be the pink bunny!!

Andi said...

Oh my heavens! I must have it. Must.

christina said...

I love it! And really, girl, where do you find these zombie-licious books??

naida said...

this sounds like fun!

Rabid Fox said...

If nothing else, I'm loving the book's cover. Something about a plush bunny with a chainsaw that appeals to me.

Zibilee said...

This looks like such an awesome and fun book! I need to get this one for my whole family. I loved these types of books as a kid, and this book seems to have ramped the action and adventure to a great degree! Awesome review, it sounds like this book is a total winner.

Ladytink_534 said...

Those books drove me nuts as a kid. I'd try to read every adventure so I could complete the book and be hopelessly confused.

Anonymous said...

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vvb32 reads said...

cute - pink bunnies, undead llamas - too funny.