Sunday Salon - Woot ... I can read again!!!

Sunday Salon

Normally I'm not too much of a complainer, but this has been quite possibly the most dismal week of my life. I've been through colds, allergies, broken bones and pregnancy - but no matter the illness, reading has always been an escape from sufferings little or large. Not so this time. 128623800666869546

Apparently, a sinus infection I thought had been treated through a dose of antibiotics, had actually just moved from my sinus cavity to a space behind my eye-socket which sparked an infection in my tear ducts and the thin layer that covers the eye. OUCH that's all I can say. But 100% worse was realizing that reading was going to be completely out of the question for at least a week. Thankfully it seems to have completely cleared up, as I was on the verge of a book-withdrawal-breakdown.


So now I'm trying to get caught back up with my reading pile, which continued to grow even while I wasn't able to read. My wonderful hubby treated me to many bookshop trips while I was not feeling well, probably not the greatest thing for my TBR stack ... but oh well it was sweet!

So here is the damage:

ahhh inspiring supremely satisfyingaiding and abetting yellowknife year of secret assignments tan lines so long at the fair guernicaserial killers club magic time magic time angelfiremagic time ghostlands glass castlerichest season gargoyle fangland dress your family doors of perception cats cradle brave new girl antic hay alice porn for women

Now I plan to spend the entire week lazing around the house and reading whatever happens to grab my fancy, which right now happens to be The Gargoyle, Go-Go-Girls Of The Apocalypse and Lamb - The Gospel According to Biff. Since it has been muggy, damp and raining non-stop for 4 days with no sign of slowing down, curling up with a book is perfect - besides the idea of socializing with people and listening repeatedly to the phrase "It's not the heat, it's the humidity" is not too appealing right now. Maritime weather - gotta love it!

I suppose along with reading I should also get some reviewing done (so so behind) and get caught back up on my Weekly Geeks mini-review posts and the weeks author photo theme.

Happy reading everyone!

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Lenore said...

Looks like lots of good books (well, I don't know about porn for women....)