Tuesday Thingers

Today's topic: Weekly Memes

Today's question is only marginally about LibraryThing but I thought it might be a fun question anyway. It's more about blogging. Everyone who participates in Tuesday Thingers has a blog- some have a book blog, some have several, some have blogs that are more personal, etc.- and we've all chosen to participate in this particular way of networking to build traffic, get to know each other, etc. So my question is: what other weekly memes or round robins do you participate in? Is this the only one? Why Tuesday Thingers and not some other weekly Tuesday meme? Or do you do more than one?


tuesday thingers Tuesday Thingers was the first meme I participated in. I found it through the LibraryThing website and thought it looked like fun. It has ended up being a terrific way of sharing information and learning lots of different opinions from lots of different people.

Booking Through Thursday

Booking Through Thursday is a weekly meme based mostly on books and/or reading that poses a question for participants every Thursday. Again this meme is a wonderful way to view various opinions.


Friday Fill-Inns Friday Fill-Ins gives a list of sentences or statements and your job is to fill in the blanks with your own answers. Some are easy "The last thing I thought of before I went to bed was ______." and other really make you think "If I were a condiment, I would be ______."

weekly geeks 2 Weekly Geeks is another book based meme that comes out every Saturday. I've taken part in the last 5 Weekly Geeks and love it. Some of these require a little more effort than the average meme, but I have found them well worth it.


Sunday Salon And lastly I participate in The Sunday Salon. I find that this is a great way to wrap up my reading week by listing what books I've read, reviewed and any new books that have come into our home.


teasertuesdays3 Just today I came across Teaser Tuesdays which I am going to try out also. This meme is very straight forward - grab your current read, open randomly and share a teaser sentence. Sounds intriguing.


So what memes do you participate in? Any really fabulous ones I've missed out on here? Do you have a fantastic idea for a meme that hasn't been done yet? Or maybe you just don't fancy the idea of memes and prefer spontaneous blog posting?

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nicole said...

Teaser Tuesdays sounds fun, but I don't know if I can handle two memes in one day.

It is funny about writing—I am definitely out of practice at it compared with when I was in school, but I still feel pretty comfortable getting my words on the screen. Maybe because when I was only a blog-reader I still commented a lot. But my real-life best friend, who recently started a blog also, is having a much harder time getting back into it, and that's only two years after getting her master's degree!

Kathleen said...

Lol it's just Tuesday Thingers for me! Tuesday Teasers does sound interesting though :)

Cathy said...

Memes intrigue me, and I've run across a few that are very tempting, but after the day I had yesterday, I think I'll be lucky to participate in the three I've already chosen! What happened yesterday? I just joined Paperback Swap and spent a large chunk of yesterday getting 30+ books ready to haul to the PO. There were so many that I knew I'd fill up the mailbox outside, so I went in to stand in the (thankfully) short line. You should've seen the looks on the faces of the people behind me when they saw me standing there with a huge laundry basket crammed with packages. They thought they were going to be eligible for Medicare by the time they made it to the head of the line! LOL

Lenore said...

Wow - that's a lot of memes - I could never keep up.

I do enjoy reading them on others blogs though, and commenting when I have something halfway valuable to say.