Weekly Geeks #14 - Book Pics

This week Dewey has given us a something to blog about that I'm sure everyone will love - Photos Of Books!!

weekly geeks 3*Bookshelves, of course.
*TBR piles.
*Your favorite places to read.
*Your book group: faces, places, books you’ve read for it.
*Collages: books you’ve read or plan to read, or just your librarything collage.
*Your kids reading in their favorite places.
*Your own ideas!

So the only real guideline for this week’s Weekly Geeks is that it should include bookish photos. Don't forget to go back and sign Dewey's Mr Linky so everyone can take a peek :)

Hi everyone, my name is Joanne and I am a book-a-holic. Today we will be taking a quick look into how you can tell if a loved one is suffering from this horrible disease known as bibliophilism.


The first sign would be a spreading of books throughout their main living space (or as we Canucks call it "The Rec Room") The following photos will illustrate how an addiction to books will lead to the loss of any and all wall space:



This is obviously the habitat of a pocketbook pack-rat -- and this also shows how an innocent thing such as a paperback can eventually take over your home.

Another more subtle sign to look for is when the bookpiles start showing up in odd areas of the house. This is a very common way in which the book-a-holic will try to make it seem less obvious (smaller piles, spread out among the house aren't as glaringly compulsive as a ginormous collection .... right?)


Here we find a pile of books atop a ordinary fish aquarium.



.... Take a look behind this normal stack of reading material and we find a hidden stash of classics and Shakespeare!!

On into the office, where we all expect to find reading materials and book-type stuff. But the bibliophile is more crafty in here and tries to blend their drug into a "work-related" atmosphere.


Exhibit A.

Pile of ARC's waiting to be read and reviewed.


Exhibit B.

Pile of assorted read but unblogged materials.

And this perhaps the most disturbing of all, the book-obsessed wife who attempts to drag her own Star Wars addicted husband into a life of bibliophilism by creating a cute stash just for him.


But nooooo... it doesn't end there folks. Now we move into the bedroom, where the book-zombie truly does her worst. Behold the (unorganized and possibly life-threatening) TBR PILE...


Which has spilled over and started taking over the table where the reading light and cordless phone once lived peacefully side by side.

And that ends this photographic exploration into the habitat of the
book-a-holic canadianis.

© 2008-2010 Joanne Mosher of The Book Zombie. All rights reserved.


Rachel said...

I love your book tour! It's wonderful :)

Kerry said...

What a wonderful tour of your house. It must be a very friendly place, full of all those books. But wall space - what's that? As I do cross stitch as well and need somewhere to hang the things I finish, there's an on going competition at our house between the books and the cross stitch. In terms out absolute amount of space taken up, the books win hands down though.

Icedream said...

Talk about a great collection of books! I spotted so many that are on my wishlist, it was less like a tour and more like looking at the pictures in the Christmas catalog! LOL

Ruth said...

Your collection scares me and makes me happy at the same time. I can't bear to keep my TBR pile together in one place. I would start having dreams about books killing me in my sleep.

Great tour! Thanks for sharing your shelves with us. I'd feel right at home at your place!

MizB said...

Wow! The first few pics had me drooling! I can't WAIT 'til I have wall-space for my book collection! LOL.

And, I was absolutely grinning from ear-to-ear when you said you have started a "cute little collection" just for your hubby! LOL. I've done the same thing! :P LOLOL. :P

BTW, I didn't realize ('til today) that you're Canadian, just like me! Whoohoo! (I'm over in Ontario). :D


Dewey said...

What a great post! Your TBR piles made me laugh because mine are so similar, though it's all more organized now because of moving.

Anonymous said...

I just love it! You make me feel so normal. :)

Kim said...

Your tour made me giggle. The best part of this weeks' theme is the validation we are all receiving for our obsession!

naida said...

oh my gosh, thats great! i'm jealous :)
and keeping a Star Wars stash for hubby is very thoughtful...lol

Rebecca said...

I love all the mini-collections scattered here and there - that's how a booklover's house SHOULD look!

If I can ask though, the shelves in the first few pictures, the blackish ones, are they on the wall? up high? I can't seem to figure it out

Jessica said...

I've loving (and coveting) your book tour. I think books are the best decor.

Kerrie said...

I've linked to your page on my post for Weekly Geeks. Your shelves are amazing!

Callista said...

Wow! My house isn't that bad (of course I dont' have very many shelves in my house) but I'm getting there quick. I can't stop buying second hand.

Melanie said...

awesome just awesome!

Allison said...

Loved your book tour..Nice to know someone else has books all over the place!!

Cathy said...

Now...YOUR house is my kind of house! This reminds me to put up a slideshow of my shelves on my blog. Thanks for the tour!

Stephanie said...

BOy, I thought I had a lot of books!

Andi said...

Hmm, amazing the similarities between Canadian and Texan book-a-holics!

Melody said...

Wow, I love viewing all your pics! You've so many books... I wish I've bookshelves like yours! ;P

Anonymous said...

Whoa! And I thought I was bad.