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BookBloggerButton Today is the first day of Book Blogger Appreciation Week. Many blogs have been nominated, votes were cast and now the winners will be announced during the Awards Presentations. There are many exciting things going on this week, including the Book Blog Readers Contest and lots of BBAW giveaways. Throughout the week there will also be some activities and assignments for BBAW participants to take part in and blog about.

My Friend Amy has assigned this great idea to kick off the week:

To get us may have noticed that the blogs you love best and appreciate didn't make the list of nominations! So today is your chance to thank them. Write a post thanking or highlighting the book blogs you love to read (be sure to link to them!)

Naida’s blog The Bookworm is one of my favourite blogs. Her book reviews are always a pleasure to read. Naida also participates in the Weekly Geeks and her entries are interesting and fun. Take a peek at her blog and make sure you visit her Etsy shop Naida’s Crochet, where you can find beautiful hand-made scarves, hats and more. My personal favourite is Lucius the Sock Monkey!



Icedream at Reading In Appalachia is another blogger who gives terrific opinions and insights into her reading. Just try not to get lost daydreaming while looking at her beautiful blog header! Icedream is also a regular contributor to the Tuesday Thingers and her answers are always interesting. Icedream has terrific giveaways, an eclectic taste in books and I love reading the wonderful comments she leaves on my blog.

superniqAllesandra can be found at Out Of The Blue, where you can find lots of entertaining thoughts about books and reading. Something I discovered at Allesandra’s website that was extremely interesting to me is her posts about languages and the ways we learn them. She is also a contributor to 3 other book related blogs: Read The Nobels, I Heard It Through The Grapevine and YA Romance Challenge.

Maree’s book blog Just Add Books (what a fantastic title eh?) is another favourite of mine. Just last week Maree geeked it up with me and we interviewed one another about a books (Space and The Gargoyle) Maree gave me some terrific questions and answers! She is a fantastic reviewer, whose blog is so much fun to read. And who can forget about Merlin?!? Merlin and books

Also for this weeks geekery Maree is treating us to a quote a day about cats, with some utterly adorable pictures to accompany them. (If I end up at the SPCA this week I blame Maree lol)

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Bookfool said...

Oh, poor kitty!! And, I get that comment about it being her fault if you end up at the SPCA. Cute cat photos are miserable in that way.

Thanks for visiting my blog! I am loving your posts and wondering why I haven't found you, before this!

Alessandra said...

Thank you for mentioning my blog, Joanne!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm....since this is the third blog I have read that has a similar post, I am guessing I missed the! I am always the last to know.


Serena said...

What a poor kitty! He looks like we're disturbing him! LOL maybe he is enjoying his daily reading.

LaShaunda said...

I’m part of the Book Blogger Appreciation week and I wanted to thank you for all you do to help promote books.

naida said...

awwww....thanks for mentioning my blog and shop :o)
you've got some nice blogs listed.

Maree said...

Joanne _ thank you so much! My head and my ego are swelled!
Poor kitty indeed! So "poor" he sleeps under the covers with me every night!
I had a great time geeking it up for the interviews _ it was one of my favourite Weekly Geeks topics. :)
And if Merlin's picture sends just one person to the SPCA for a pet ... hey, my job is done! :)