WG #17 Quotes Day 3

From the dog's point of view, his master is an elongated and abnormally cunning dog.  ~Mabel Louise Robinson



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Bookfool said...

ROTFL!!! I love it!

Rebecca said...

Hi, hope it's okay to contact you here - I couldn't find your email.

You commented on two of my Weekly Geeks Quotes (thanks!), mentioning that you knew the books ... I'd love to include you in the running tally (it'd put you in the lead actually) but I need the actual titles to make it count.

If you want to play, could I get you to email me your guesses when you get a chance? Thanks!


cj said...

What a great quote! I love it!


naida said...

cute quote!

Icedream said...

Gorgeous photo and I love the quote. My dog occassionally gives me a look like I am the biggest fool she's ever seen. Nice to believe she actually thinks I'm cunning :D