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So I am supposed to be catching up on reviews, in order to complete my Weekly Geeks assignment this week. But ... what do I do instead? I decide to re-vamp my blog instead. Please excuse the mess, I hope to have everything the way I want it, nice and tidy sometime this week. Obviously I've not been doing any reading this Sunday, so for my Salon post I have grabbed this nifty little questionnaire from Randomness.

random Sunday Salon

Let's Talk About Books


  • Name a few of your favourite books. The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson, Front Porch Prophet by Raymond Atkins, Geek Love by Katherine Dunn, The Stand by Stephen King, Naked Lunch by William Burroughs
    • Is there an author that you don't like, yet so many people seem to love? James Patterson, Sophie Kinsella, JK Rowling
      • Name a book to film that you really like. Name one you think was done poorly. BEST - Alice in Wonderland, Apocalypse Now, The Outsiders WORST - I Am Legend
        • Where do you buy your books? Mostly Chapters/Indigo and used bookshops
          • What genre do you read the most? Right now I've been bouncing around genres, but overall I have read more books from paranormal/horror category (my guilty pleasure is cheap 80's paperback horror)
            • What genre do you dislike? I really don't like historical romance written in the Harlequin style.
              • Is there a book that has changed your life? I would have to say that it would be the first book I ever read / had read to me. No idea what it would have been but I have loved books as long as I can remember so it must have been a great book.
                • Have you ever met an author? What author would you like to meet? I have met some local authors that wrote local interest non-fiction. If I could meet any author I would choose William Shakespeare. That's not gonna happen any time soon (I hope) but I think he was probably one of the greatest minds in literary history. His grasp of human behaviour was so amazing that I think just people-watching with him in a cafe would be the experience of a lifetime.

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                    jlshall said...

                    Yes, Alice in Wonderland! I loved the Disney version, and just about every other version I've ever seen. Also, I'm glad to see somebody else shares my lukewarm feelings about JK Rowling - I just don't see what all the uproar is about.

                    Anonymous said...

                    Glad you decided to revamp! Love the new look!!

                    Violaine said...

                    Love your blog, it looks beautiful! I was at the bookstore the other day and almost bought "The Gargoyle" but decided on "The Sugar Queen" instead, which I loved. It's still on my TBR list though....

                    Dewey said...

                    Ooh, pretty! I like your new look.

                    Book Zombie said...

                    jlshall - I always figured I was the only person not in love with Rowling.

                    J.Kaye & Dewey - Thanks so much! I like this alot better than my old one, it reminds me of when we made pioneer paper in elementary school :)

                    Violaine - I took a peek at Sugar Queen, but then realized it was the by the author of Garden Spells (which is sitting in my TBR) lol