Weekly Geeks #18 Playing Catch (up) Summary

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So last week Dewey gave us an assignment that I was really needing – to catch up on anything book blog related that we were behind on. For me this involved finishing up the huge amount of reviews I had half-finished. I was partially successful on this task, I completed and posted 9 reviews that I’ve listed below. I also have a few that I have finished but saved in draft for a just-in-case day. My progress would have been much better had I not decided spur of the moment to renovate my blog design, but I’m very happy with the new look. Lots and lots of thanks to all the kind readers who complimented the new look!!


  • Year Of Secret Assignments - Jaclyn Moriarty Review Posted Here
  • The Green Beauty Guide - Julie Gabriel Review Posted Here
  • The Black Whole - Jackie Jones Review Posted Here
  • King Of Sword and Sky - CL Wilson Review Posted Here
  • Lala Pipo – Hideo Okuda Review Posted Here
  • YellowKnife – Steve Zipp Review Posted Here
  • The Whiskey Rebels – David Liss Review Posted Here
  • Crossed Bones – Jane Johnson Review Posted Here
  • Schooled – Anisha Lakhani Review Posted Here

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    jlshall said...

    Love the new look! But then I liked the old look, too. And wow, you did a lot of reviews. Nice work!