Read-A-Thon ♥ Top 10 ♥ Mini-Challenge



BookZombie Presents

The Top Ten Things You Can Do While Reading That You Never Thought You’d Be Doing!

  1. You wouldn’t believe how easy it is to fold laundry while reading, it’s as though the motions are hard-wired into the brain.
  2. Throw tennis balls for a crazy hyper-active Border Collie who needs to do backyard flyball at least a million times a day.
  3. Walk around the house holding the book you’re reading while trying not to trip over assorted sports equipment, dogs, a cat slithering between your feet and soggy tennis balls.
  4. Eat a plateful of leftover Turkey Day food without spilling gravy down your chin, over your book, into your lap etc.
  5. Vacuum the rug while holding and reading a book without accidentally sucking up any objects lying around (example – the cat)
  6. Carry on  a telephone conversation with your super-chatty friend/family member without them catching on to your complete lack of participation.
  7. Argue with teenage son about why he cannot dye his hair florescent pink and shave it into a mokawk for upcoming Halloween Dance.
  8. Argue with other pre-teen son on why he cannot also shave hair into mohawk and and dye it pink even though older brother wants to also.
  9. While holding and obviously reading a book, stomp foot and declare that Halloween and Christmas may be cancelled if above mentioned children do not stop talking about mohawks (which sends them both into their rooms to sulk and play emo-music in dramatic teenaged angst mode)
  10. Sit on sofa reading beside hubs who is flipping between football and hockey and making him think that in fact you are watching and yes, yes I did see that, it was definitely a high-stick, are those refs blind!

Huge thanks to softdrink for this awesomely fun mini-challenge!!


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Icedream said...

Oh so funny, particulary #10! :D

softdrink said...

You guys are cracking me up! I love 7 and 8, although it probably wasn't so funny at the time.

Excellent list!

Dar said...

OMG-that was funny!

thekea said...

hehe! I love #9! :)

Andi said...

LOL, I love it! Every single one of them. So true!

Veens said...

hahahaha! this is so awfully HILARIOUS!!

sooooo CUTE! ...darn FUNNY!

i think i love ALL ur ANSWERS!!!!!!!! YAY! good work.. i want u to win thismini challenge...BIG TIME!

Dewey said...

Ooh, my cat HATES when she gets sucked into the vacuum.

I would be helping my kids dye their hair and using the clippers to give them mohawks for Halloween! Yes, I'm afraid I am THAT mom.

grayskyeyes said...

Ahaha, this made me laugh. I loved the images of emo teenagers playing music -- it wasn't that long ago that I did the same thing :)


bermudaonion said...

We have a Jack Russell Terrier and she doesn't like me to read when I throw the ball for her - she wants my undivided attention.

Chris said...

LOL! That was hilarious...and I've totally done #6

bkclubcare said...

LOL! What about purple mohawks for Halloween? would that be better?