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Fables 3

STORYBOOK LOVE is a captivating tale of romance and adventure. After being hunted and hounded by a savage being called the Adversary, the legendary characters of fables and fairytales were forced to relocate to a magical high-rise in Manhattan. Living in peaceful disharmony for centuries, the literary figures have forged a dysfunctional existence of tentative alliances and allegiances. But when Snow White and the Big Bad Wolf begin an improbable romance, Bluebeard enacts a devious plan to destroy his rivals. Now as Goldilocks mercilessly stalks the two lovers in the Cascade Mountains, Prince Charming confronts Bluebeard in a deadly duel within the confines of the Fables' New York condominium.


Please be aware that if you haven’t read the previous volumes this review may contain spoilers.

Volume 3 of Fables is structured a little differently from the first two. Instead of a single plot running throughout the novel, this volume features two single stories, one four parter and a two part story. But this doesn’t hurt the series in any way, in fact I found it almost impossible to put down. With four separate story arcs there is so much new material and sub-plots introduced that the Fable universe doubles it’s scope.

Bag O’Bones is the first story, and is a real treat as the reader is brought back in time to the Civil War. During this period we learn that Jack’s reputation as a trickster and schemer is well deserved. One can’t help but laugh as Jack tries to win a magic sack (beans not included)

A Sharp Operator, reminded me of a crime noir thriller. A snoopy reporter contacts Bigby to let him know that he has solved the mystery of the Fables – he thinks they are vampires! In order to remove the threat of this reporter going public, Bigby gets help from Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty) Although this is a comic romp, this story is very important in the character development of Bigby and Bluebeard, as the reader discovers just who is more of a villain.

Next up is the title story of the volume, Storybook Love. This story starts up pretty much where Volume 2: Animal Farm left off.  The Farm is back under control and Goldilocks is still on the loose, but now we discover that Bluebeard is responsible for keeping her out of sight. Working together they have come up with a plan to take Snow White out of the picture. This story has a tremendous effect on how the story arc will change in future volumes. The thing I enjoyed most was the developments that occur in the relationship between Bigby and Snow White.

And lastly, the story of Barleycorn Brides. This is a very short story, but it does provide another look into the history of the Fables. Specifically the citizens of SmallTown and what they must do when there is only one female among them – Thumbelina.

I know I am missing out on a lot of things here, some new info on Prince Charming, the true nature of Bigby’s wolfish side, history of the Lilliputians (from Gulliver's Travels) and some political manoeuvring. But wow this volume is just jam-packed with information that I am sure will be important in future volumes – which I am most assuredly going to read (probably immediately after posting this review) Fables is like the most addictive drug and I’m a lowly addict jonesing for another taste.

Fables Volume 3 collects issues 11-18 of the Fables series.

Bag O’Bones A Sharp Operator Part 1 A Sharp Operator Part 2 Storybook Love
Part 1
Fables_11 Fables_12 Fables_13 Fables_14
Storybook Love
Part 2
Storybook Love
Part 3
Storybook Love
Part 4
Fables_15 Fables_16 Fables_17 Fables_18

Written by Bill Willingham; Art by Bryan Talbot, Lan Medina, Mark Buckingham, Linda Medley, Steve Leialoha and Craig Hamilton; Painted Cover by James Jean; Published by Vertigo

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Serena said...

These look very interesting. I haven't read many of these books. I've noticed that they are no making graphic novels of Pride & Prejudice and other classics. I wonder if they are any good?!

Andi said...

LOL, so glad you're still in love with the series. I think this volume is my favorite of all (with the offshoot, 1001 Nights of Snowfall running a very close second).

Bag of Bones cracked me up. Comic book sex has to be the funniest thing ever.

Book Zombie (Joanne) said...

Serena - I have read a few of the Shakespeare graphic novels and thought they were really fun. Stayed pretty true to the originals which I liked.

Andi - I know, I know, how fabulously twisted is it when you get to experience fairy tale sex, Goldilocks and her weird fetish is the most hilarious thing I've seen! (lol)

Fyrefly said...

They are addictive! I have Vols. 2-5 checked out of the library - my intention was to save them for the wee hours of the readathon next week, but I really really really just want to read them now.

Nymeth said...

Thanks to you and firefly now I really want to feed my addiction. I must get my hands on books 5 and 6 soooon.

I loved this volume and I'm glad you did too!