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I had fully hoped this Sunday would give me a chance to catch-up on all the reviews I have to write – but with Christmas only days away my attention level is zip. So rather than pushing myself to write when I don’t want to and possibly skewing my opinion, I am slumming until after the holidays. But of course I am still reading whenever I get a chance ;)

With the end of the year, comes the deadline for challenges, luckily I only have one ending – The A-Z Reading Challenge. But my conundrum is this: Say you have read the required books, you haven’t reviewed them yet, but you fully intend to? Does this mean you have still completed the challenge? Which is more important – the reading of the book or the writing of the review?

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Let me know what your opinion is – for added incentive, anyone who lets me know their thoughts on what makes a challenge complete gets entered into a giveaway. What does the winner receive you ask? Hmmm, I think this will be a surprise giveaway (in other words I have no idea) but it will contain at least 2 books and maybe a few extra treats. C’mon guys everyone loves a surprise, right ;D

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I’ve been reading like a crazy person because my TBR stack has become out of control lately, so many library books that need to be returned have been crying out to be read, bargain books I couldn’t resist slump on shelves in abandonment and my review books stare at me with ‘tsking’ sort of look. So here’s what I’ve been reading this weekend, a very eclectic mix:

Cracked Up To Be – Courtney Summers
Do not let this fun, lovely cover fool you into thinking this is just another light young adult book – this book is far from happy, but it is completely enthralling. Cracked Up To Be deals with some very serious teen issues and has some amazing characters. Once I picked this up I couldn’t set it down until I had read the entire book. I’ve included an excerpt below that I really connected with, it perfectly presents a look into how it feels to be struck dumb by an anxiety attack.

He says something else, but I don’t hear it because I’m gone. I drop my things at my locker and search out a spot in the school that isn’t around people, but there are none and that’s when I notice that the halls are way too crowded.
There are bodies everywhere.
At first I do okay. I hover by the drinking fountain and try to look like I’ve got somewhere to be. Then I start hearing this sound, like this sighing, no – not sighing. Breathing. Everyone breathing. I can hear the people around me sucking up all the fresh air, leaving nothing for me.
My chest tightens and I can’t breathe.

The Leather Daddy & The Femme – Carol Queen
I needed a Q author for my A-Z Reading Challenge – so off to the library I went. With no plan in mind I decided to randomly pick a book. I really liked the pulp look of this book so I got it without a second glance. Once I started reading it I was kinda surprised that this was in the library – I know our library carries everything regardless of content but what surprised me was that no one had stolen it yet. From what I’ve heard our library has a bit of a problem with people stealing the “dirty books” lol. Anyhow, here is what the book jacket has to say:

It’s another night in San Francisco and Randy (a.k.a. Miranda, when she’s not dressed like a boy) has hit the streets looking for trouble. She has an eye for gay men in leathers, and most nights she’s too much of a girl for them. But tonight Randy meets her match – Jack, who thinks she’s hot no matter who she is. The is San Francisco’s notorious SOMA, a neighbourhood colonized by leatherfolk long before the dot-commers came (and left). From dark alleys to tastefully appointed dungeons, from hotel penthouses to tranny bars, Randy/Miranda explores and embraces her desires – none of them fenced in by anyone else’s idea of sex, gender and/or sexual orientation. With Jack and other denizens of San Francisco's sexual underground, she creates her own alternative vision of family values.

Fairies Of Nutfolk Wood – Barb Ullman
Another pain in the ass letter for me was U, but I did find this interesting little book while browsing the libraries Young Adult section. So far, it is a fun little read but I would say it would be better suited for a younger audience – maybe the 7-10 year range. The basic story is that a girl moves to a secluded trailer in the woods with her mother as they try to get back on their feet after a divorce. Once there the girl begins to see some very unexplainable and perhaps magical things happening around her.

So that is my weekend, hopefully I can get a few posts in this week. But I also want to get caught up on visiting/commenting on all the blogs I love to read – and there are lots of them.

Hoping everyone is having a wonderful weekend! Mine is terrific but that horrible weatherman is calling for snow again – crossing my fingers that he’s wrong or on crack :P

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Anonymous said...

I say yes, you've completed the challenge. Reading the books is the important part. I've been reading really good things about Cracked Up to Be - it sounds good.

Anonymous said...

I'd agree with bermudaonion. I think it counts if you read it, even if you haven't reviewed it. Mostly because it is a READING challenge. =)

Anonymous said...

In general, I'd say it would depend on the nature and rules of the specific challenge. If reviewing was an integral part of the challenge, then that's clearly important. However, if it's a challenge about reading, then you're in the clear. :)

Based on the rules of the A to Z reading challenge I read, you're good. It just said to read the books ...

Laza said...

I'd say just reading the books is fine. I mean, I might feel differently if you were talking about a "read and review all your books" type of challenge. But I'd say making the effort to read all those books should be enough. :)

Nymeth said...

I think reading is definitely the most important part. Although like Wordlily pointed out, some challenges specify in the rules that you also have to post reviews. If not, though, I'd consider it completed!

Anonymous said...

I'm with everyone else: the reading is the most important. Congrats on competing the challenge!

Anonymous said...

The reading is the most important part! Because without the reading, well, there's no challenge. And no reviews. If the reviews were the most important part, then you could be like all those people who just google for other people's reviews. :-D

jessi said...

I'm trying to use this break time to catch up on reviews, too. I also think the reading is the important part of the challenge. :)

Terri said...

If reviewing were a requirement, I'd never complete a challenge! I say, if you read it, that counts. Often I make a couple comments, always I rate them (1-5) but rarely do I write a full-blown review. So give yourself full credit!

And happy winter holidays to you.

Callista said...

With the exception of the Read and Review challenge where the focus is on the reviews, then if you finished the book, you finished the challenge. MANY times I've posted reviews after the challenge ended, but as long as I finished the books before the date, I'm good. No one has evern said anything to me about it.

Alyce said...

I think the focus should be on whether or not you read the book. I know how easy it is to get behind on reviews. Unless a challenge stated it specifically I would just assume that I needed to read all of the books, and the reviewing was up to me.

Anonymous said...

First and foremost... a Very Merry Christmas to u and your family girl :)

2nd- it is alright... if u have read the books :) and that means u have completed the challenge.. and u can post the reviews whenever u want :)

3rd of all... that "Cracked Up To Be " has gained a place in my lust-list :)

and thanks for the giveaway ;)

Anonymous said...

You and I have the opposite problem. I am on break with the kids. I am catching up on the reviews, etc!

naida said...

I think reading the book is the main thing.
Cracked Up To Be sounds good, enjoy your reading.

Merry Christmas :)

Ladytink_534 said...

I think if you read the book than you should be able to say you completed the challenge but then again, you can't really prove that you did without the reviews :( I'm months behind on my reviews so I'd like to know what the "official" answer is myself since I joined so many challenges for next year.

Eva said...

Hi! You expressed interest in my World Citizenship Challenge, so I just wanted to let you know the blog is up and running. :)

Ali said...

I agree with everyone else--if you read the books, you're good. And, I can't wait to read Cracked Up to Be! It's on my pile, as soon as I finish my current read. I think I'm almost to the point where I can enjoy a YA novel that isn't Paper Towns. :-)

Anonymous said...

Reading counts more than reviewing! Reviewing is just the book blogger way of bragging about how great we are at completely challenges :D

Which is one of the best parts. Heh.

Anonymous said...

Instead of completely that should be completing! :(