July 2009 ♦ Reading Recap

Books Read in July 2009

  1. The Lie ♦ Chad Kultgen
  2. Slights ♦ Kaaron Warren
  3. The Rapture ♦ Liz Jensen
  4. The Unit Ninni Holmqvist
  5. Toxin ♦ Paul Martin Midden
  6. Wait Until Twilight ♦ Sang Pak
  7. Assisted Loving ♦ Bob Morris
  8. Speak ♦ Laurie Halse Anderson
  9. Fade To Blue ♦ Sean Beaudoin
  10. My Sister’s Keeper ♦ Jodi Picoult
  11. Hide Your Life Away ♦ Carol Little
  12. It’s Only Temporary ♦ Eric Shapiro
  13. The Crying Tree ♦ Naseem Rakha
  14. Succulent Prey ♦ Wrath James White
  15. House Of Night 1 Marked ♦ PC & K Cast
  16. House Of Night 2 Betrayed ♦ PC & K Cast
  17. House Of Night 3 Chosen ♦ PC & K Cast
  18. House Of Night 4 Untamed ♦ PC & K Cast
  19. Moose: A Memoir Of Fat Camp ♦ Stephanie Klein


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Kailana said...

Good reading month! I am not a fan of the House of Night series, which I think people know... What did you think of My Sister's Keeper?

samantha.1020 said...

Wow, you had a great month of reading. I read and really enjoyed Speak by Anderson!

Anna said...

Great month! I only read 8 last month. Here I am hoping to hit 100 for the year, and you've gone well past that already!

Diary of an Eccentric

Dar said...

You had a great reading month considering all that was going on. Sometimes escaping into a book is the best medicine I find.

Dar said...

Duh, I just realized that was your July recap. I should pay better attention. lol.

Lenore said...

20 books! You are my hero!

Ceri said...

A really great list there, Joanne :-D I agree with Lenore - you're my hero! heheh!